What Time Is it? It’s Booty Time With Brett Hoebel!


booty-glute-workout-brett-hoebel-585Last week, Brett Hoebel of Season 12’s The Biggest Loser, judge on Fit or Flop and creator of RevAbsguest taught two master classes at 24 Hour Fitness in North Hollywood and Hollywood. I was lucky enough to be able to attend and see what the fuss was all about around his signature Nitro and 20 Minute Body workouts. I can honestly say they had my booty remembering that workout for the next two days!

In a full room, I was in among other respected media including DRTV, ClevverTV, Blogilates and Japan UP! For fairly active and athletic people, we along with the rest of the class, were pushed to the edge in terms of endurance and being challenged to go deeper than we thought we could. Fifteen minutes into the workout, there was not a dry body in the house as Brett guided us through a series of plyometric bursts, martial arts movements and a flow of capoeira. All in all, the class was just over an hour, with 45 minutes dedicated to Nitro and 20 minutes for the 20 Minute Body workout (as one might guess).

Fast-paced and high-energy, Brett had us in the ever-changing Tetris-esque order of rows—making it so that no one could hide out in the back rows. I could hear people whisper, “How does he keep his energy up like that?” After every few segments, Brett would ask, “What time is it?” And the class would answer, “Booty time!!!” as we did a series of squats (*fist pump*).

In the class, I felt like I was dancing, especially through the capoeira movements. It was an easy-to-follow yet effective routine that improved my body and stamina, and really took me to the next level of adrenaline. Though I was utterly exhausted and my body was sore, I felt like I could have kept going because I was on such a high.

Brett’s energy was contagious and his unique blend of plyometrics, capoeira and muay thai made this class not only a fun bonding experience to help our classmates keep pushing forward but also a fantastic and unique all-body workout. Bring it, Brett!

Do you have a favorite Brett Hoebel workout? What’s your fave way to work the booty? Crystal


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