How Has FBG Changed YOUR Life? With Special Giveaway!

Tell us how FBG has changed your life, and you can win some amazing goodies!
Tell us how FBG has changed your life, and you can win some amazing goodies!

All this week for our five-year birthday bash, each FBG has shared how her life has changed by being a Fit Bottomed Girl. And instead of us all answering another Question of the Week, this time we want to turn the question that we’ve all been answering to you: How has FBG changed your life?

Tell us your answer in a comment below, and we might just HOOK YOU UP. We have tons of prize packs here at FBG HQ just waiting for you to win them. From a pair of these to some of this, plus a lot of these and these, leave your answer below and we’ll select three lucky U.S. readers to win a box full of fit goodies in about a week.

And we can’t wait to read your responses…we know FBG has changed us. Now tell us how it’s changed you. Go FBGs! —Jenn



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  1. FBG has helped me to overcome a decade long eating disorder and learn to take care of myself in a balanced way and accept my body. It has also introduced me to a ton of awesome products and workout ideas!

  2. I am new to following FBG so no huge changes so far, but I will say that having resources available for healthy recipes has made it so much easier to incorporate healthy food into my family’s life. Changing my eating habits and eating boring chicken and veggies has never been a difficult task for me to follow, but I would inevitably fall off the wagon because my family hated eating it and I was tired of making two sets of meals. Recently, I have my son cook with me and we try our new creations together and he’s more willing to eat it if he’s had a hand in it. I had known what to cut from my diet to get results, but I didn’t know how to cook with healthy recipes and superfoods and such, nor communicate the benefits to my family (they are more willing to try it if I give the scientific reason of what it does for their bodies)
    Additionally, I love the product reviews from food to fitness equip and apparel. I can’t tell you how many workout dvd’s I’ve bought and hated. Those reviews are very helpful. Thanks for everything you guys do!

  3. FBG has really made fitness & healthy living accessible for me in a way I never thought was possible. You guys have taught me so much & shown me that living, exercising, & eating RIGHT doesn’t have to be hard or boring! Thanks so much, ladies 🙂

  4. FGB has led me to discover my true passions- living positively, staying true to myself, surrounding myself with people who lift me up- and also led me to discover who I am as a person. If it wasn’t for blogs like FGB, I would never had mustered up the courage to create a HLB of my own and would have never gained the opportunity to network with such inspiring and encouraging individuals. I genuinely love the healthy living community, and FGB is one of the main reasons why I am as strong as I am today.

  5. I felt SO confused with the massive pile of mixed information on how to be healthy, get in shape, lose weigh, look beautiful, eat this, do this, wear this…AARRGGHH !
    Then I found Fit Bottomed Girls , and it was as if a trusted friend took my hand and said : Ivori , take a deep breath, exhale, now follow me.
    I now workout to feel good, instead of murdering myself to get my body to look like a super model. I eat when I’m hungry ; not when I’m stressed or depressed! I also congratulate myself on how I lost 145 pounds just by walking and eating healthy foods.
    More importantly , thanks to FBG , I realize this may be the only Life I have to Live, and I should live it to the fullest !

  6. i have the 12 TIPS to Being FIT, HEALTHY & AWESOME posted in my cube at work. for the last 11 months I have been working out with my friends at work, the tips remind me(and we all need to remember), that I am unique, on my way to healthy life! I am reminded that we all are beautiful women, no matter what our shape, and size! We have fun working out, encourage each other! the other girls cook and talk recipes! I don’t cook but let my husband do that. Thank you for daily, inspiring us to live life to the fullest!

  7. FBG has helped me to be healthier and happier every day. It helped me rediscover my passion for moving, being active, being outside, and re-acquainted me with what I knew as a kid – being active doesn’t have to mean endless, boring hours at the gym, and being healthy doesn’t have mean having to deprive yourself. Re-learning this has not only made me physically healthier, but has also had an immeasurable positive impact on my mental health as well.

  8. While I discovered this blog fairly recently, it has already help to motivate to take my health and happiness seriously. It is very motivational and inspiring. I wish I had known about it from its beginning 5 years ago! Thanks!

  9. I’ve been reading for a couple of years now and am consistently inspired by your posts – at first getting me to buy new workout dvds (and actually sticking to them!) and more recently I even joined CrossFit! (Which is still slightly terrifying, but wonderful.) Your blog brings a great reminder that if you get out and move, you will feel powerful and amazing.

  10. This blog has motivated me to work out harder. It’s also given me great advice on workout gear and equipment!

  11. I’m new to FBG, but I find that the articles inspire me especially on days I feel down or don’t want to do anything. All I have to do is read the daily article or something from the archive and it makes me want to stick with my eating well plans, drinking my water and doing my exercise. I have a chronic pain condition so the days that come where I don’t want to do anything are frequent so having this inspiration has been a true blessing! Thank you for being here and inspiring me and so many others!

  12. I’ve learned so much from your guests and your reviews have helped me decide which fitness DVD to buy next! Thanks and Happy Birthday!

  13. FBG has empowered me to try new fitness classes that I would have been skeptical of before. Some of the injury posts came at exactly the right time and probably kept me from making an overuse injury worse. The reviews of products have probably also saved me a lot of money!

  14. I was a FBG lurker for a while and then took the plunge by signing up for Jenn’s FBG Life class on Learn it Live last year. The FBG way of life is something we can all follow and find balance with our busy lives. I used to be an all or nothing kind of girl. I have learned a lot through the class and blogs. I now see how important little changes are in diet and exercise. I make conscious decisions that are right for me (even if it means a ‘bad’ choice, I at least do it knowingly). Thanks ladies and congratulations on 5 years!

  15. FBG has helped me realize that I’m sane. When I struggle with workouts I read that you have had the same struggles. When I started running and hated it I realized this is normal. As I continued to run I started to like it and realized that this too is normal. You have encouraged me to not give up, to continue to push myself further, and most importantly that my health is fitness is a priority in my life.

  16. FBG has linked me to several health and wellness blogs. Before I discovered the blog world I got my tips and advice from books and magazines that sugar coated everything. FBG provides posts from REAL women who tell you how it is. It’s inspiring to learn and grow with women that have “fit bottoms in all shapes and sizes”.

  17. FBG has motivated me to start a training program that I have been promising myself to begin for ages. I am a known procrastinator but once I get going there’s no stopping me.
    The regular updates give me new ideas which makes things even more fun.

  18. FBG always reminds me to seek balance, whether it’s with food, exercise, or attitude. Seeing real women embrace balance and then thrive has really been inspirational for me!! And I also love the product/DVD reviews. 🙂

  19. Not only has your site motivated me to be healthier physically, it has also encouraged me to accomplish other goals. I even started college. I have an AA degree and now I’m going for my Bachelor’s with a full scholarship.

  20. I just recently got back to running and being a healthy eater after 5 years and 2 babies. I was discouraged, intimidated and ultimately unsure of where to even begin. FBG was one of the first resources I found that got me information I needed that was useful and encouraging. I “could do this” and FBG helped me to believe that. Every journey begins with ONE STEP and FBG helped me to make the FIRST, and the SECOND, and they continue to help me as I keep on keeping on in my journey! Thanks FBG and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

  21. I love reading everything in this site. I am inspired and motivated to continue my workout program. I am happy with my improvement lately and I am so confident to wear almost anything right now. 🙂

  22. Fbg has helped me to lay the foundation for a lifetime of taking care of myself. Being able to take part of this with my family and friends is just icing on the cake!

  23. FBG has been a source of inspiration for me as I have struggled to adopt a healthy lifestyle. I have been focused on my weight since 7th grade (I’m 30 now!) and it’s only been recently that I have started to embrace the pursuit of health and wellness instead of thinness at any cost. I teach at an all-girls high school and I hope to pass along this healthy way of thinking to my students. Thank you, FBG!

  24. FBG has helped me to get through my final year of college and let me know that I can make time to be fit even in the middle of all that chaos. It also has given me confidence in myself and my appearance. I can honestly say FBG was what I needed to get my life back on the fit track and be healthy for myself and my family.

  25. Congrats on 5 years! I just started blogging and I can only hope my blog looks this good in 5 years time. Great job.

  26. It’s so easy to get into a rut when doing a workout program. FBG helps to keep things interesting. It reviews new workouts, provides inspiration, and a sounding board for people looking to spice it up. AND, most importantly, it has helped me remember to not focus on my weight as a number, but rather to pay attention to the way I feel. Feeling healthy and fit is always the goal! 🙂

  27. I love love love your workout video reviews. You’ve saved me gobs of $ on boring dvds and gym membership dues. Whenever I need a dose of fitness inspiration, I turn to FBG!

  28. I am new to FBG but alrady love what I am reading and learning! I look forward to new information on eating right, reviews,fitness and the inspiration it provides for me and my family. Love reading the post from other followers and hearing what challenges they may be facing and how they cope and face them, it helps to know that others are facing the some of the same challenges and have overcome them.

  29. FBG has motivated me to work on my booty and my whole self. It used to be firmer, but not so much the older I have gotten. I have been working on it though!

  30. I have been following for about 6 months now and I love reading your nutrition tips and getting creative with my workouts- you have helped my lose stubborn weight off my booty! THANK YOU!

    Honestly, my favorite part of your blog is actually reading what you ladies are up to. You all inspire and motivate me to stick with fitness and I look forward to keeping up with your adventures!

  31. FBG has gotten me motivated to rediscover my passion for exercise and the enthusiasm for jumping into new activities whole-heartedly (hello, yoga!). I am happier and healthier, not to mention proud to be role modeling for my kids.

  32. I can’t believe it’s been only 5 years since it seems like you’ve been an old friend! You were the first I would check for new workouts, food ideas when I was so tired of my clean eating (due to stomach issues, have to watch the food), and just all ’round fun, girl talk when I was feeling down. It made me feel good that I was not alone in my constant struggle to eat well and stay healthy.

    You’ve since expanded to more topics (mamas and eats) so I’m never at a loss for reputable healthy info. An added bonus is all the wonderful sources of exercise and nutrition info I’ve learned about. I still check my inbox every day for FBG and will continue to be a loyal follower. Thanks for 5 great, healthy years!

  33. This may sound so simple but FBG serves as a daily reminder that anyone can be an athlete no matter who they are or what they look like. Not to mention the fact that you all are a constant source of information on anything and everything someone might need to know about eating healthy, working out, finding the right type of workouts/clothing/shoes, etc. Thanks for everything you’ve done for me over the years!

  34. I LOVE FBG!

    I am in the fitness industry too and just like everyone else, we need motivation too! I love reading your take on the trends in health/fitness/nutrition and what workouts you are doing. FBG has given me a daily outlet to see what other fitness pro’s are up to since I am removed from the corporate sector (I work in home now)~ you are like my online fitness pro girlfriends 🙂

    Thanks for being an amazing resource ladies and let’s party like we are in Kindergarten~ Milk and Cookies!!! 😉

  35. I LOVE FBG’s! It has really helped me to stay excited and motivated to make changes and LOVE a healthy lifestyle. The blogs are exciting & information + lOVE the give-a-ways! I follow your twitter also and love to see recipes & workouts.

  36. you all are a weekly inspiration to me and my business partner. we have watched you over the past 2 years and you inspire us to create and share our struggles and expert knowledge with our fans and clients.

  37. FBG has introduced me to new recipes and healthy eating tips, plus inspired me to mix up my workout routine! Thank you!!

  38. For me I was always so worried about the number on the scale and when that number didn’t reflect what I felt was my hard work I would get disappointed and slip back into old habits (skipping work outs and eating poorly). When I discovered FBG a few years back it helped me learn to focus on the changes my body was making and not the number on the scale. I have gone back and forth over the last year but whenever I am ready to get back in to shape FBG is always the first website I go back to for the motivation I need. I love everything this site represents, health and fitness over a number on a scale or the size of your jeans.

  39. FBG has helped pull me out of workout doldrums, and into using twitter! This is my first response to a post! To have interesting recipes, activities, discussions, and workouts in one location is grand slam. thank you, and my i stay the course this holiday weekend.

  40. Here are our winners — congrats to all!

    Stephanie — #26
    Maxine Sebring – #22
    Crystal F — #11
    meghan — #38

    And, let me just say that these entries were so incredibly touching and inspiring to read. We here at FBG may have shed or tear over them…so thank you. You all are SO AMAZING!!!

    —FBG Jenn

  41. Oh, and because said entries were so great, we ended up doing a giveaway for not three but FOUR prize packs! 🙂

    —FBG Jenn