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Celebrating Your Uniqueness Doesn’t End With Food

The grocery disaster? No way!

The grocery disaster? No way! Credit: Robert Couse-Baker

Have you ever stood in the grocery store at a complete loss on where to go? If you swing by the veggies and fresh fruit section, you know you’re on the right track. Until…OMG, organic or homegrown? The meat department isn’t any better! Fish? Yeah, but which one has the most antioxidants? The most protein? Which will help you lose weight? Didn’t that weight-loss TV show say something about chicken being just as good? But what if you really want to rip your teeth into some steak? Trouble!

Nowadays there are so many fads and trends of clothing going in and out—and it’s the exact same for food. There is always someone, some show or some magazine claiming that THEY know the best way to get you healthy and lose weight fast; all you have to do is follow certain rules. But everyone is different. Even though soymilk has 50 percent more calcium than regular milk, that stuff can give me a tummy ache from hell if I don’t choose a certain brand. And what about the claim that sushi is magnificent for your complexion and body? Not so much for those of us who are allergic to shellfish.

That’s why it is time to do what is best for you! Guest writer Chanda Guerin has four simple tips to help you find YOUR perfect eating plan. Read them here! –Maria

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