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7 Grilling Tips to Become a Master of the Grill

bob-grilling-tailgateRemember how we featured that nom-nom worthy Spicy Grilled Bison Fajitas recipe by Bob Trudnak, an award-winning cook and director of sales and marketing for BBQ Guru? (See Bob, grilling at a Florida State tailgate, above.) Well, he’s baaack! And with some awesome grilling tips, just in time for the 4th of July holiday!

7 Grilling Tips From Bob Trudnak

1. Just probe it. Make sure you have a decent food probe to check the internal food temperature. The key to creating great grilled foods is knowing your done temperatures (there’s a great chart on it here). When cooking meats and fish, knowing the correct done temperatures will assure juicy, flavorful food.
2. Prep properly. Season your food with marinades and dry rubs before you grill them, but never sauce until the end. Many sauces have sugar in them, and sugars burn easily during the grilling process.
3. Be cool on the grill. When cooking on charcoal, build your coals to one side of the grill and leave the other side empty. This will allow you to have an area on the grill to remove your food from the intense heat. As food approaches its done temperature, move it to the cool side of the grill.
4. Tidy up sooner than later. Clean your cooking grates after you cook while your grill is hot. This will make cleaning easier. Brush a little olive oil on the grates, as well to keep foods from sticking.
5. Separate skewers. When skewering foods, place all of one food type on each skewer. Shrimp cooks faster than chicken breast, and veggies cook faster than beef cubes. This will ensure that all of your foods are cooked evenly.
6. Only grill the best. Look for quality vegetables and meats. Buy local and fresh foods, and you will have a better eating experience.
7. Get saucy. Learn how to make sauces! Sauces that complement your main and side dishes will really set them apart from ordinary meals. Sauces make the dish!
What’s your favorite food to grill? Have any grilling tips to share? —Jenn

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