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The New Odd Man Out: The One Without Dietary Restrictions

I'll dig into almost anything. Credit: malinky

I’ll dig into almost anything. Credit: malinky

It’s everywhere you go. Peanut allergies. Gluten sensitivity. Celiac disease. Paleo. Vegetarian. Vegan. Lactose intolerant. It seems that everyone these days has some dietary restriction or another.

Except me.

Even among the four of us FBGs, I’m the only one who doesn’t have some sort of dietary concern. I’m like the human version of the garbage disposal. I can eat everything. And my only consequence will be putting on a few pounds or feeling sluggish if I eat something unhealthy. But I won’t be running to the bathroom with issues, I won’t have stomach pain, I won’t have guilt about eating an animal. (Not enough guilt to stop me, anyway.)

My “garbage disposal” (mostly healthy garbage, of course) dietary habits really stood out when the girls all came out to run the Brooklyn Rock ‘n’ Roll 10K together last fall. Jenn and I hit up Trader Joe’s to buy supplies to make everyone’s bellies happy while they were here. And Jenn shopped gluten-free. We made sure we’d have plenty of vegetarian options—and cheese—for Kristen. We got specific apples for Tish and tried to help her out on the lactose intolerance and acidity issues.

My dietary needs felt so unspecial, in a good way. But my head was spinning. Never before had I really worried about any of that. For the most part, I feel good no matter what I eat. Unless I’ve got the flu, my stomach is strong like bull. And unless I’m pregnant, I don’t get acid reflux. My kids are the same—no allergies or issues yet, knock on wood. My husband is picky, but out of being picky, not for an actual reason.

I must say, I’m super glad to be the human garbage disposal. It’s nice not to have to worry about any of that. I know I’d learn to work around the restrictions of family and friends if needed, but I would certainly feel in over my head at first, especially if I was juggling several different restrictions on a regular basis.

Are you a human garbage disposal, too? Can you eat it all without worrying about the consequences? —Erin

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