Recipe: Power to the Chia Seed Pudding

After lunching at True Food Kitchen in Santa Monica, I was instantly enamored with the delicious chia seed pudding that was introduced to me that day. The restaurant, well-known for its clean and wholesome preparation and sources of food, consistently changes out its menu offerings in order to stay with whatever is in season.
I quickly looked up the recipe for chia seed pudding on my phone to see what this delicious and nutritious dessert involved so that I could try to find out what the secret was at True Food to make this as scrumptious as it was. The best part — it is chock full of those pesky omega-3’s that we are all deficient in, it’s fun, and it’s so easy to make. Plus, it’s completely vegan!
I combined a few difference recipes and finally found a mix that was most pleasing to my palette. This recipe yields about four to six servings, and you’ll need a Mason jar.

Power to the Chia Seed Pudding Recipe

1/3 c chia seeds
1 c of any kind of milk you want (I used coconut cream the first time but liked Trader Joe’s vanilla-flavored coconut milk best)
1/8 of a lime (can add more if you’d like)
Just a tiny bit of either agave or brown sugar
1 tbsp coconut flakes or shredded
1 banana, sliced
1. Combine milk, lime and agave/brown sugar in the Mason jar.

chia pudding in jar

2. Secure lid on jar and shake. Remove lid.
3. Add chia seeds in the mix. Secure lid and shake again. Important note: Do not leave the chia seeds sitting in the mixture for more than a few seconds. The longer it sits without being shaken, the more likely it will clump into one big jelly mess.

chia pudding shake  chia pudding chilling

4. Remove lid again and stir with a spoon to remove any possible chia-seed clumping. Taste and make sure that it is to your liking. This is the time to adjust any flavors (more lime, more sweetener, etc.). Then secure lid back on the jar.
5. Refrigerate for at least four hours. Best results if you refrigerate overnight.


6. When it’s ready to be served, take it out of the refrigerator, and add your banana slices and coconut flakes. Enjoy!
So, delicious, so nutritious and just another fun way to enjoy a guilt-free superfood!

 Do you have any simple and delicious recipes that involve shaking it up in a jar? How else do you like to get chia in your day? —Crystal

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