Prince Teas: It’s a Super-Drink Giveaway!

Remember back when we had tea with Prince? The super-drink that’s a turmeric-infused sencha green tea that tastes simply fabulous? The one that’s all-natural, organic and just plain pretty? Yep, this one.
Well, in celebration of Superfoods Week (cue: superhero theme song!), Prince Teas is giving two tins to FIVE winners. That’s right, five of you lucky U.S. readers get the chance to sip some tea with Prince, too. This superfood, super-drink does not disappoint, so leave us a comment below with what your favorite superfood or drink is and why, and we’ll randomly select winners in about a week. If you want to leave a haiku, that’s cool, too. All winners will be notified via email and in the comments.
Good luck to you all — now get to using YOUR super powers to comment! —Jenn

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  1. Ally says:

    Berries are my favorite superfood!

  2. Nicole Tilzer says:

    i think my new fav ‘superfood’ is almond butter. not technically a super food but for a vegetarian marathoner that doesn’t love peanut butter – this is a lifesaver!! protein, salt — love it all!!

  3. Beth says:

    Kale, I love putting in smoothies in the morning.

  4. Joanne says:

    Tea is my all time favorite for sure :3

  5. Kristin says:

    It took a while, but I have to admit — my favorite superfood is quinoa. With the right amount of creativity, you can make the best, and most filling, meal with a 1/2 cup of this awesome grain. I’m smitten to say the least

  6. My favorite superfood is blueberries. I keep them on hand all year because I love to snack on them.

  7. Serena-Rose says:

    It’s a tie between quinoa and avocado! Quinoa mixed up with some corn and a little barbecue sauce – love it! Or avocado slices on a turkey burger.. hard to choose which is my favorite!!

  8. Emma says:

    I am 16, a senior in high school, and have been struggling with my weight my whole life. I want to be able to enjoy my senior year and not worry about what I look like so I have decided to change my lifestyle. Kale is my favorite superfood and my favorite way to have it is baked chips with a little oil and salt but not much! I would love to win this tea because I have looked for it after seeing your other post about this specific drink and couldn’t find it! Please consider me thanks

  9. Roxanne says:

    My favorite super food is blueberries. Why? Because not only are they scrumptious on their own, they can also be used to dress up oatmeal or salads with a burst of antioxidant power!

  10. GFR says:

    Blueberries! Such a healthy snack and can also be thrown into desserts… what can go wrong?!

  11. Meagan says:

    I have found a new love in Kombucha! It’s effervescence makes me happy & it makes me feel renewed, refreshed & just plain wonderful.

  12. I love so many “superfoods,” but I think my favorite is berries! Tons of antioxidants, so versatile, and SO delicious!

  13. Brittany says:

    I have to agree with Jenn, that I get super excited about kale. There are just so many possibilities….!

  14. Ivori Rose says:

    Pumpkin is the best
    Orange and delicious yes
    Let us eat pumpkin

  15. Amy Smith says:

    Blueberries!! I just had some with my oatmeal. So good!!

  16. Ashley says:

    Berries of course! 🙂 They are good anytime of the year and satisfy my extreme sweet tooth! 🙂

  17. LJ says:

    I love tea! And berries. I buy big bags of frozen mixed berries and make a “cobbler” with chia seeds for the thickener and a topping of some kind of crushed nuts, oatmeal, coconut oil, and maple syrup. Delicious with a bit of cream for breakfast!

  18. Ashley says:

    TEA! Its my one thing I have to have every single day. Green Tea, Lady Grey, Earl Grey, English Breakfast, etc. etc. Blueberries and spinach are up there too.

  19. amanda says:

    Avocado! I crave it almost daily…

  20. Lena says:

    Blueberries are my favorite super food! I use them in breakfast smoothies to start my day off in a sweet but still very healthy way!

  21. Eve says:

    I love kale! I like to put it in my drinks in the morning for a little extra boost!

  22. adriana says:

    Hmm… fave superfood? Probably berries and kale.

  23. Monique Alby says:

    I absolutely love love love Kale! My husband tried it a few other time and didn’t care for it but he can actually tolerate (I think he enjoys it) when I make it! 🙂 I love kale chips as well! It’s amazing in coconut lentil soup too!

  24. skye says:

    kale!!! love it! put it in smoothies, kale chips, in a salad, cook it, juice it, as a garnish. so good and soooo good for you!!!

  25. Jillian says:

    GREEN TEA is my favorite superfood I can have about 3-4 cups a day. I also like to add it to my smoothies to boast the power.

  26. Frances Stehle says:

    Kale, of course 🙂 I juice it or add it to smoothies, and I’m trying it in salads.

  27. Jenny Wimbley says:

    Garlic, green tea, blueberries, but not all together! I froze a bunch of fresh blueberries this summer, hopefully I can get them to last another month! My chances aren’t looking good though, they are too good!

  28. Renata says:

    Love kale blended up into smoothies and also eating kale snack chips for energy!

  29. Jessica Z says:

    My favorite super food is chia seeds because they leave me feeling fuller longer

  30. Michelle says:

    Favorite super food is berries. In our house we eat them every morning with our oatmeal. For the kids we use frozen to cool off the hot oatmeal.

  31. Deb says:

    All berries. I buy them frozen in 3 lb quantities. Love them!

  32. Tina says:

    Berries all the way! Not only does it do the body good, but it also can substitute as dessert…or go nicely with a glass of wine 😉

  33. Ray says:

    Green Tea is a great antioxidant superfood for me!

  34. Katy says:

    Ironically, I really love tea!

  35. Georgiana says:

    I love berries for all their colorful bursting antioxidants!

  36. Anastacia says:

    My favorite superfood is avocado! I love adding it to all sorts of dishes!!

  37. Karina says:

    My favorite super food is Spinach–good for any meal, from my breakfast smoothies, to salads to steaming it up for dinner!

  38. Gina says:

    Berries are my superfood of choice. Quinoa is a close second. And avocados.

  39. MJ Moore says:

    I love flax seed because it tastes great, and berries because they are easy to get my kids to eat!

  40. Robin says:

    Raspberries are my fav…

  41. Deb E says:

    I love to include turmeric with my meals and healthy tea too. My fave though is flax seed since it tastes great, is easy to toss into everything and packs a punch with good fats and protein.

  42. Jenn says:

    Our five lucky winners are …
    Eve — #21
    Jessica Z — #29
    Amy Smith — #15
    Jillian — #25
    MJ Moore — #39
    YAY! Emailing you now — congrats and thanks to all who entered!

  43. Tarsha bunch says:

    My morning super food and drink! 1/2 cup of fresh blueberries and 1/2 cup pomegranate (frozen when not in session) and a hot cup of green flowering tea with a splash of honey, 2 lemon slices and two teaspoons of organic chia seeds (12 oz cup)
    10 minutes later and the race is on I’m full of energy until middle afternoon with no jitters or sugar plumit