Fit Bottomed at Any Age Week Giveaway: Two CocoaVia Prize Packs!

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You can win all of this delicious healthiness!
You can win all of this delicious healthiness!

It’s Fit Bottomed at Any Age Week as ya’ll know — and to help celebrate CocoaVia is giving some goodies away to two lucky U.S. readers!

So just how does CocoaVia relate to aging you ask? Well, like big-time! Fun fact: for the average human about 2,000 gallons of blood travels daily through about 60,000 miles of blood vessels in the body. So, when it comes to supporting your body’s total health, maintaining healthy circulation is a key component. Good circulation supports the flow of nutrients and oxygen to all parts of the body, which helps you look, perform and feel your best inside and out.

As we age, our blood vessels may become less flexible and less able to expand when needed to keep our circulatory systems running smoothly. And this is where CocoaVia comes in — the daily cocoa extract supplement helps support healthy circulation! High in cocoa flavanols, CocoaVia comes in two convenient forms: vegetarian capsules and single-serving, versatile powdered stick packs that can be added to your favorite beverage or food. So as you get older, CocoaVia helps keep your circulation healthy — and your workouts, body and mind working at their best!

Want to try some of the CocoaVia goodness? Leave a comment with your favorite way to boost heart health, and two lucky U.S. readers will win the above prize pack that features a giveaway bag, variety pack of CocoaVia stick packs, a two-month supply of the capsule and a fun milk frother to help whip CocoaVia into your fave drinks.

Winners will be notified in about a week in the comments and via email. Here’s to healthy circulation — and chocolate — at any age! —Jenn


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  1. My favorite way to boost heart health is to exercise. It helps ,e reduce stress and maintain a healthy weight!

  2. My favorite way to boost heart health, is by going nuts !
    I eat 6 walnuts before lunch and dinner because, walnuts are rich in omega-3 fatty acids, which help to decrease inflammation in the arteries surrounding your heart, so they keep your heart functioning longer and better.

  3. Yoga, hands down. I get my heart rate up and down all in the same workout, and feel nice and relaxed afterwards. Although, if I really want a good beat going, I’ll switch to sparring in my martial arts class.

  4. Besides excercise for heart health, I take Omega-3 and 6 as well as plenty of fresh, organic veggies and fruits!

  5. Cardio Cardio Cardio. Any kind of cardio! Especially love mixing it up; running, spinning, kickboxing. Anything to move!

  6. My favorite way to boost heart health is eating my favorite….Tuna! As well as 4 days in the gym! Love it!

  7. I take two walks a day with my dogs (good for all of our hearts) and I run a CPR training company-teaching everyone how to use CPR and AEDs to combat Cardiac Arrest.

  8. Regular exercise program. I schedule it into my week at least 6 days a week. Keeping my heart and myself healthy is a big part of my life.

  9. What I do for heart health is DANCE Salsa is the best workout! ! I LOVE it, and never feels like exercise and makes me smile and moving to that Latin beat is AWESOME!!!

  10. Exercise and relaxation are good for the heart! Family time, vacation and a positive attitude are also key!

  11. My favorite way is to cook healthy foods at home rather than grabbing artery clogging foods on the go. Not to mention getting in my daily stress relieving cardio.

  12. My favorite way to boost heart health is to have a positive attitude, distress, working out helps me accomplish this.

  13. My favorite way to boost heart health is to eat a bowl of cheerios and blueberries every morning and then hit the gym for an hour of weight lifting with 30 minutes of cardio/Zumba/Turbo Kick! 🙂

  14. I run to promote heart health. Since training for a marathon my HR has def decreased, so its cool seeing the tangible effects of so much work on my health!

  15. I’d love to try some of the CocoaVia goodness! My favorite way to keep my heart healthy is keeping my cholesterol down with good fiber foods. I eat a ton of fiber, especially oats, chia, and also it satisfies like nothing else. Love cocoa as well.

  16. I love to exercise. I used to run 5-10K every other day. Since having medically retired from the military, I’ve picked up low-impact exercise, such as walking and yoga. I’m hoping to pick up swimming as well.

  17. And our winners are …

    Maria — #37
    Kristen — #34

    Yay! Emailing you now to get you your goodies. 🙂 Thanks to all who entered!!!

    — FBG Jenn