Get FabFitFun With a Seasonal Beauty Box (Plus Coupon!)

Just an idea of the goodies you might find in your FabFitFun VIP Box!
Just an idea of the goodies you might find in your FabFitFun VIP Box!

We’re the first to admit that sometimes our wardrobe is made up of too many pairs of yoga pants and sneakers. And ponytails. And sports bras. And Chapstick. And, man, where is that darn nail file? And a clean pair of underwear?

It’s not just us who does that, right?

So, ahem, sometimes a little reminder to dress up, glam up and have fun while doing it is needed. And we’ve found the perfect fun way to go about it: the FabFitFun VIP Box. (Disclosure: We’re an affiliate because we like it that much!) FabFitFun is one of our favorite fitness sites, and they’ve really hit it out of the beauty ballpark with their beauty box. Here’s how it works: Every three months, for about $50, you get a seasonal gift box filled with a variety of the best beauty and wellness items for that time of year.

We’re talking full-sized versions of nail polish, lip gloss, facial cleansers, snack bars … so  much goodness. Heck, in the summer one, there was the cutest pair of sunglasses and this hair spray that was kind of life-changing. The goodies are fabulous and are a great way to try new trendy things that come recommended from experts — not just stuff you hope is good. What you get in each big VIP Box is worth well over $50. Like, maybe double that, if not more. And while it may not ensure that our favorite pair of undies is always clean and that we’re not rocking yoga pants to the grocery store again, it does help remind us to at least take the time to sit down, do our nails and feel pretty.

And to help us celebrate Fit Bottomed at Any Age Week, FabFitFun is giving FBG readers $5 off one of its beauty boxes through the end of the month! Simply go here and enter in the code FBG1013 at checkout. Easy peasy! And if you do it now, you can still get the fall VIP Box, which looks to be amazing! 

Tell us, how often do you buy new beauty and hair products? Would something like this be fun for you, too? —Jenn


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  1. This looks SO fun!! I have a serious addiction to makeup/skincare, etc.. I recently moved and was a teensy bit embarrassed by the fact that I had FOUR boxes of toiletries. I will try to refrain from buying this until I use up some of the stuff I have, but I think it could be a super fun Christmas gift for my sisters!!

  2. This box has been really disappointing. I signed up with your discount code, and they immediately charged my credit card, and almost a month later still no box or tracking number. They promised to ship the week of Nov 4, and there has been absolutely no communication from the company. I’m beginning to think it’s a scam and I’ll have to file a dispute with my credit card. 🙁 I hope you’ll reconsider your sponsorship relationship in the future and avoid untrustworthy companies.

  3. Hi Jane,

    We’ve heard from them that they’ve had some issues with ordering but that they’re working it out. We’re going to make them aware of this comment to see if we can get the issue taken care. We love our readers and know that you trust us — we’ll do what we can to make this right! 🙂

    —FBG Jenn

  4. Hi Jane,
    Very sorry to hear that you are disappointed, and I apologize for the delay. You should receive your tracking information for your box by tomorrow morning at the latest. If you have any further questions, please call us at 888-963-9319, and we’d be happy to help. Again, I’m very sorry about the delay.

    Franke Santos

  5. Thank you for your assistance, and my box did arrive today. I hope the kinks in the system have been worked out for the winter box.