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Trapped Emotions, Inherited Emotions, All the Emotions!

family-treeRemember that divine intervention I mentioned a few weeks ago? The one where I said I got an out-of-the-blue email from Brandon Hyde, a certified Emotion Code practitioner, and that I’d be talking about my work with him more in future posts? Well, today is that post.

And I’ve started it about 20 times because there is just SO. MUCH. TO. SAY.

Working with Brandon (about once a week) has been interesting, enlightening, exciting, hard and even funny — yes, releasing emotions related to infertility can, in fact, be funny! We chat on the phone for about an hour and through what is basically energy work and muscle testing that taps into your subconscious, I’ve learned about the heart-wall, trapped emotions, inherited emotions, prenatal emotions and really just all of the emotions. Emotions I didn’t know what to do with as a kid … as a teen … in college … heck, even last year.

Each week we talk, it’s like going on an adventure. Neither of us knows what will pop up, and it’s like a mystery peeling back emotional layer by emotional layer. Part therapy and lots hippity-dippity, Brandon connects with me energetically and then begins asking a series of questions that get into what emotions are holding me back from having a high level of fertility and being my most authentic self. Then through muscle testing, we drill down to what the specific trapped emotions are, what age I was when I experienced them and then, if I want, I can ask further questions to try to pinpoint the emotion. Then, we release them. I’ve had everything pop up from when my cat died when I was a kid to dread passed down two generations to unreleased pain from my HSG test last year. In sessions I’ve cried, laughed, been in total awe and always left feeling so much better. More open and vulnerable and yet safer.

I know it sounds a little crazy — even I was skeptical when I started. But it’s really been pretty life-changing. And I can’t say enough about Brandon’s professionalism and just general feel-good vibe. Whether or not it does boost my fertility, I can honestly say that it’s about 4 million times better than any other fertility “appointment” I’ve been to. Or, really, just about any doctor I’ve been to either. And the experience has been so uplifting in regards to my soul and spirit — not just my ability to have a baby. He really has a gift, and I’m so grateful he popped up in my life!

But instead of trying to sum up my Emotion Code sessions in my words, I thought it would be fun to do a little Q&A with Brandon. Straight from the horse’s mouth, so to speak!

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  1. Suzannah says:

    Your article was very moving. The ups and downs you wrote about are real and so many people can relate to those. Thank you for sharing and talking about this difficult experience. We all know people in who have been in that situation too. You are a nice role model and an inspiration for others!

    1. Jenn says:

      Thanks so much, Suzannah! 🙂


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