7 CrossFit Tips for Beginners

Crossfit-tips-585We’ve already written about how CrossFit can be a bit intimidating the first time (or 12) that you go. And, honestly, after doing CrossFit-esque workouts for years, there are still some days when the workout on the board freaks me out! But, honestly, that’s just a part of why it’s a such a great workout — you’re always being pushed out of your comfort zone. If you’re ready to give this popular workout a go for the first time — and you totally should — here are seven CrossFit tips for beginners from Billy De La Rosa, a CrossFit and Precision Nutrition Coach who has trained everyone from beginners to professional athletes. He knows his stuff!


7 CrossFit Tips for Beginners

1. Enjoy the process. Remind yourself that being fit will not happen in a single workout but over time of consistent action.

2. Listen to your body. If your body is telling you to stop, then stop. Do not for any reason push yourself while in pain.

3. Only compete with yourself. If you are a competitive person, be competitive with yourself first. Have a goal of being 1% better every day. When you look back after a few months of training, your gains will be remarkable.

4. Consider hiring a private coach. If you are having difficulty with a movement for weeks then it is time for you to hire a coach privately to help you better understand and perform the movement.

5. Drink (water) up. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate … You cannot perform your best in a dehydrated state.

6. No, your eyes are not deceiving you. These women and men are super strong and in great shape. With consistency and giving it your all every workout, one day a newbie will have the same thoughts you are having right now.

7. Enjoy yourself. If you are not having fun while you work out and dreading the WOD (workout of the day) all day long, then find an exercise routine that you can enjoy.

What CrossFit tips for beginners would you add? And who’s ready to give CrossFit a try? —Jenn

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  1. Kristine says:

    Thanks for the tips Jenn, I always feel intimidated when I start a new class or program, whether it’s how I look or if I can keep up. I have to learn to compete with myself and enjoy my journey..

  2. Stephenie says:

    Thank you for the great CrossFit tips…I agree with you for most of the tips. But, I just can’t seem to enjoy myself, because I keep comparing myself with those sexy men and women around me. I guess once I get used to it and not think too much about it. I should not be competing with others, but myself. Yes, drink lots of water to keep our body healthy and enjoy every moment while we are there.

  3. Shira says:

    Thanks for the tips! My gym had a foundations class to teach all the basics, but I, still the newest (fitness wise) of the group. It’s hard seeing your name on the board with the highest time- and I had to modify the work load—but I finished! And my coach encouraged me last time by saying- you worked the hardest out of everyone tonight (and I worked the longest 😛 ). Anyways, definitely a learning curve- and persistence is key!