House Tracks for Your Workout Playlist (No Fist-Pumping Required)

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Everyone has their “forte” when it comes to what they choose to listen to during their workouts. I used to be more of a hip-hop and pop kind of girl until I was introduced to this foreign genre known as “house.” Yes, what the heck is that? That was my first response, too.

Maybe I just lived under a rock, but I had no clue what it was. Does this require a fist pump? Despite my apprehension (and pre-judgment), I began to fall in love with this upbeat, somewhat enchanting music. I guess it’s the no. 1 genre in the world for a reason, right? You won’t exactly find me jammin’ out to Tiesto on the way to the grocery store, but as far as my workouts go — I don’t dare even begin without it.

I’ve decided to put together a playlist of my all-time favorite workout house tracks. I find they make me want to go twice as hard for twice as long. Total win!


Workout House Playlist

1. Samurai (Go Hard), R3hab. I just found this song recently and I’m not kidding, I have no problem listening to it on a repeat my entire work out. The BPMs (beats-per-minute) are high, so it gets your heart pumpin’ and wanting to kick some booty!

2. Calling (Lose My Mind), Sebastian Ingrosso. I will sadly admit — this song makes me want to fist pump. It builds up for about a minute and then “BAM!” You might just “lose your mind” too.

3. Pressure (Alesso Remix) – Nadia Ali, Alex Kenji. I love to listen to this song when running outside. It has this whimsical vibe and also is a little longer in length — but by no means does it lose your attention (which I tend to struggle with).

4. Love Rain Down (Myon & Shane) – Markus Schulz, SERi. This song hits its climax at 1:30 (which by the way is common in house music). Whenever I have my playlist on shuffle, my phone always plays this song repeatedly. I think it knows how awesome it is. 

5. Cry (Just a little), Bingo Players. This is a killer remix on the 1988 hit “Piano in the Dark.” The lyrics are repetitive so sometimes I switch it half way through, but it is definitely still worthy enough to be one of my top picks. 

6. Work Hard, Play Hard, Tiesto. I crank up the volume when this song comes on. In my head, I’m screaming “this is my jam!” Work hard, play hard? How perfect! 

7. Promises, Andain. Love this song. It is so beautiful and has a little bit of that “trance-y” feel which I totally love, especially with cardio. I kind of need something to help me lose myself. 

8. Drinking From the Bottle, Calvin Harris. You know those songs that just make you want to hop on the next plane to Vegas? This is one of those songs (Okay, maybe that’s just me). I can pretty much picture the strobe lights and glowsticks during my workout.

9. Right Now, Rihanna. I love the lyrics and the upbeatness of this track. It exudes so much energy leading you, of course, to do the same! Win-win. 

10. Disarm Yourself, Dash Berlin. This song has a bit of a slow start, but don’t let it deceive you. It’s a really enchanting song — great for running. 

11. Clarity, Zedd. You may have heard this song on the radio. I guess it was a hit for a reason! 

12. Sweat, Snoop Dogg ft. David Guetta. Obviously a great choice for this workout house playlist: “I just want to make you sweat.” I’m not so sure what kind of workout they’re referring to, but still — it makes you want to sweat (however you choose to make that happen)!

13. Levels (Radio Edit), Avicii. This is the song that introduced me to Avicii. He’s an awesome DJ and just about anything he does is genius! I would totally encourage you to check out his other tracks.

Now, there’s one thing to keep in mind for house music: for one song, there’s probably five more versions of it — you just have to sort through all the madness to find the perfect one. I have found house music puts you in this state of mind that is like no other. I know, I probably sound a little cookoo, but give it a go and you’ll see what I mean.

Do you find that your workout playlist differs from your everyday music? —-Erika

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    This post is exactly what I need! I’m training for an IM and I listen to music on my long rides. Been needing some new jams! This is perfect!

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