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48-Hour Beauty: How to Feel and Look Good Without Showering Every Day

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There’s nothing more refreshing than a good ol’ shower. But sometimes, a full shower isn’t totally possible — you’ve got errands to run, workouts to squeeze in and work to do! Not to mention that showering every day uses a lot of water. Plus, you don’t have to shower every day to feel and look good. Not scrubbing down every day can actually be great for your skin and your hair (no overwashing of hair or leaving you with overly dry skin, especially in winter) — not to mention a time-saver!

It’s easy to go 48 hours without a shower and still feel fresh — you just gotta know how to do it. We FBGs are pretty much pros at this, so we pooled our top tips to share with you how you can do it, too!


7 Tips to Look and Feel Good Without Showering Every Day

1. Set yourself up the night before. Make sure you wash off your make-up nightly. You’ll help prevent clogged pores, and it’ll help you feel fresh in the a.m. Also, don’t go overboard on the moisturizer on your legs or face. A little goes a long way over 48 hours.

2. Change your undies. This is a non-negotiable for obvious reasons. A new pair of drawers will make you feel like a new woman.

3. Spot clean. Grab some baby wipes or a washcloth with a little water and clean up any dirty spots — be sure to hit your undercarriage and your arm pits.

4. Tackle your hair. You’ve got lots of options when it comes to your hair — and generally this is the area that most of us fret about because of bedhead. First, get some dry shampoo and spray that on your roots and bangs if you have them. This will instantly sop up any excess oil and refresh your look. You can even bust out the curling iron or straightener and style as usual. If your hair isn’t cooperating, try a wide headband or a high ponytail or bun for instant cuteness. Still not working? Grab a cute hat so that you can wear your hair down around your shoulders but cover any and all greasy roots. (And if you have super short hair, feel free to give it a quick wash in the sink!)

5. Refresh your deodorant — if needed. One of our biggest beauty annoyances is white streaks from deodorant on clothes. I mean, how many times have you done it? You get ready, put on an outfit, decide you want to wear something else, change, and then boom! White streaks over everything! Well, we have finally found a solution: Secret Outlast Clear Gel. Unlike other deodorant sticks, it offers superior odor protection and NO white marks. Beauty annoyance, begone! Plus — and this is the part that makes it perfect for your 48-hour beauty routine — it lasts a whopping 48 hours! Because it’s a water-based gel, Secret Clear Gel works faster than other forms, too. With one click, two swipes and seconds to dry, it goes on clear and stays clear. I’ve been wearing it regularly for weeks now and it never feels wet or sticky — just dry and smooth. And I can attest that it really, really does last for a full 48 hours. It’s clearly better! (Get it? Hehe!)


And they come in fun exotic scents!

6. Spray yourself down. Grab your favorite body spray and give yourself a quick light spritz!

7. Be strategic about timing. Plan out when you’re going to shower — and when you’re going to work out. Try to time the two so that you’re doing your hardest and sweatiest work out while at your dirtiest and showering just after.

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