I’ve Got the Power — Secret Fitness Superpowers, That Is

Weeks ago we posed the questions: What’s your secret fitness superpower? And, what fitness superpower do you wish you had? Today, Jenn tackles this heroic QOTW!

What’s your secret fitness superpower?

I’m kind of fascinated with the idea of secret fitness superpowers. I just find it SO interesting to see what some people and bodies can do easily, with kind of no explanation except for they were born with it. For example, my husband does burpees so fast it’s ridiculous. We’re talking two burpees to my one (even though I work hard on burpees and my love of them!), easily. And he can do, oh, like 25 of them in a row without dying. It’s impressive. And a gal at my gym (hi, April!) can do V-ups until the cows come home with perfect form. Where does this power come from? I don’t know, but it’s fun.

For me, I seem to be oddly good at push presses and anything shoulder-related. Plus, kettlebell swings.

Photo credit: Sheryl Hammontree

I see kettlebell swings in a workout at the Fit Pit, and I know I have a good chance of rocking it. It’s not like I set out to work on those things, but they just come naturally. Unlike some other things …

What fitness superpower do you wish you had?

I’d love to become Fast-Twitch Muscle Girl. I know it’s not a super catchy name, but it seems from my past training or genes that my muscles are more of the slow-twitch variety and thrive during longer, slower endurance workouts. But, man, if I had more fast-twitch muscles, I’d probably be able to keep up with Ryan on burpees, sprint like the dickens (I can run fast; it just takes me awhile to get up to speed), and be able to pivot on a dime. Damn, that would be fun.

That said … clearly, I can do more sprinting and line drills and work on improving what my mama gave me. You know how I feel about complaining — superhero or not!

What moves or activities make you feel like a superhero? —Jenn


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