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How to Squeeze Good Healthy Habits into a Chaotic Schedule

chaos-585You guys know how we collaborated with ProForm for this super cool infographic on how to build a fitness habit? Well, it was such a hit that we decided to work with them some more to dive even deeper into how to build healthy habits. After all, it’s habits that are the secret to making a healthy lifestyle stick.

This piece comes to us from Kevin Jones, a freelance writer and fitness instructor/consultant. He has helped hundreds of people find ways to become more fit and healthy through an individualized approach. Kevin has written extensively in the fitness and health industries, including writing for companies such as ICON Fitness for both the NordicTrack and ProForm brands. Connect with Kevin online, on LinkedIn and Twitter.

How to Squeeze Good Healthy Habits into a Chaotic Schedule

Planning your day tends to be typically easy once you get into the rhythm of life. But at times, life
doesn’t always play out how you planned it. Even if fitness is a part of your everyday life, it can sometimes get pushed around a lot due to changes in your schedule.

But, embodying these small, everyday healthy habits will make you see fitness as part of every moment of your life — versus only a specific amount of time you specifically commit.

1. Try quick HIIT workouts. High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is quickly becoming popular with people who don’t have the luxury of spending an hour at the gym. With work, friends, family and our self, cutting down on your workouts with HIIT can be just as beneficial in helping you change your body drastically.

2. Get up at work. If you work at home or in an office setting, consider getting up every half hour to move your body. Think desk push-ups, chair dips and even knee raises.

3. Cut out unnecessary commutes. Driving around all the times takes away from your busy day and your workout time. Plan ahead and consider the best routes and shortest distance between work, home and the gym. The less you travel, the more you can work on changing your body!

4. Squeeze in a 15-minute morning bodyweight workoutSet your alarm for 15 minutes earlier, hop out of bed and use the bodyweight workout to kickstart your day. Not only will you be done with your workout for the day, but you’ll also boost your metabolism and burn more fat during the day.


5. Walk whenever you can. One of the most undervalued form of fitness is walking. Walking is free and you can do it anywhere. Instead of taking the elevator, walk up the stairs if it’s a reasonable distance. Instead of parking right by the entrance to work, park a few blocks down and get a light walk in to help start and end your day.

6. Prep on the weekend for seamless healthy weeknight meals. The weekend is a time to reflect and prepare. During the week you’re probably too busy, so prepping for the busy week ahead will help save time and keep your eating habits in check. Meal prep on the weekend and be sure to pack healthy snack options to keep your craving at bay.

7. Make time in front of the TV for fitness. Sitting on the couch is relaxing after a long day, but if your day is jam packed, some of that time can be used to exercise. During commercial breaks, jump down to the floor and perform any workout you can think of for the full duration (and try this reality TV workout!). If you have a home treadmill, doing some runs while you watch your favorite shows helps cover twice as much time.


8. Work the whole body — not just one muscle group. If you’re pressed on time, think full-body exercises, like jump rope, burpees and jumping jacks. If you’re looking to build muscle, kettlebells and compound exercises help cover multiple muscle groups at once.

9. Change up your workouts. Our muscles have a tendency to learn quickly. The best way to constantly see results is to change up your workouts. Instead of the same four butt exercises in a row, rotate the sequence a bit and add in some full leg work. The change in routine keeps our body guessing and avoids the famous plateau so many people hit.

10. Set realistic goals and have others hold you to them. Some things are out of our control, so being fair with yourself and your fitness goals is important. You can’t expect to run a marathon within one month of training; it’s not realistic. Be reasonable with your goals and, most important, give yourself time to grow. Also, be sure to share your goals with like-­minded friends so they can support you on your journey.

The better your healthy habits, the better your results will become. Never view fitness as a timeslot.
Rather, find ways to experience it in every environment. This helps you reach your goals faster and
can be your substitute for the days when the gym may not be an option!

What are other ways that you’ve made heathy habits? —Kevin Jones

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  1. Great tips you shared in here! This is exactly what we need in order to lose weight despite our hectic schedule! Will definitely try your workout regimen! Another tip I would like to suggest is to prepare your meal during the night. So that you can just reheat it in the morning and grab it as you go to work. Now you’re still on track in eating healthy foods despite of your hectic schedule!

  2. One of my big ways to stay active in my day to day, it to take the stairs. Every time I come or go from my work building I take the stairs. Just simple walking can give you a nice like cardio boost.

  3. Great article! I especially like #7 Make time in front of the TV for fitness. This is the perfect time to get yourself moving! Making this a good fitness habit will take you a long way in reaching your fitness goals in 2016! Thanks for the super ideas!

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