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5 Ways to Up Your Coffee Game

Love coffee as much as I do? (And, guys, I love coffee. See here, here and here as java-loving evidence.) Then, I have a question: how’s your coffee game? Could you take it up another level and reach new caffeinated heights?

I thought so. And here are five unique ways to do it. (Without breaking a single coffee mug.)

5 Unique Ways to Up Your Coffee Game

1. Cook with it. If you really love coffee, you don’t just love the coffee bean; you love the whole freakin’ plant. So cooking with CoffeeFlour that’s made from all parts (namely the fruit) of the glorious coffee plant? Genius.
2. Have it in your energy bar. Wish you could sometimes eat your cup of coffee? You pretty much can with CoffeeBar. And with flavors like Mocha Latte, Coconut Mocha and Caramel Macchiato, it’s just as delicious as going to your favorite coffee shop (minus the line).
3. Drink it in your smoothie. As said in no. 1, coffee fruit is kind of the new thing in the coffee world. And you can even get it in your protein powder these days. And, if you put this protein powder in your smoothie and use coffee instead of water or milk? Well, then you’re really killing it, dude.
4. French press anywhere and everywhere you go. Have French press, will travel. That should pretty much be the motto of the Presse by bobble that is our new take-everywhere staple. It is literally a mini French press — you can sip straight from it and take it with you everywhere. GENIUS. (And no filter or K-cup waste!)
5. Be responsible. But if you are going to use a K-cup, use a good one that you can recycle. Marley Coffee has recyclable cups. You simply pop out the coffee grounds (awesome for compost) and then throw the plastic cup in your recycling bin. Stir. It. Up.
Cheers, all, to a strong coffee game!

Let’s hear it Joe addicts: How’s your coffee game? I’m off to make a coffee smoothie. Boom. —Jenn

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  1. Gail says:

    I just bought one of those Ninja Coffee Bars and it’s AWESOME. I can make a cup at a time, brew into a commuter mug, brew over ice and it came with a cool little pump frother. So, yeah, pumped full of caffeine!!!!

    1. Jenn says:

      You are speaking my LANGUAGE, Gail. 😉

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