4 Treadmill Workouts You Have to Try

 treadmill workoutsYou’ve probably heard that exercising outdoors makes us happier and relieves anxiety, but most of us can’t exercises outside all year round because of the weather. (Trust me, I feel your pain … I live in Canada!)

Anyone who has spent at least 10 minutes on the treadmill knows that running in place can be a total drag. But, it turns out you can turn that drag into a drug (yeah, the natural high kind!) and really have fun with the following treadmill workouts. (Click 2 below to see ’em!)


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  1. If I am stuck running indoors due to weather, I usually find a series show on TV…basically 45 minutes episodes. Another thing I do is vary the elevation and speed of the treadmill between workouts so that I am not repeating the same monotonous routines. Most of the time while running outside the elevation changes. To simulate that scenario I change the elevation every few minutes. I think one can also occasionally take advantage of winter activities outside such as skiing, snowshoe, etc. Although it’s different from running, they’re close enough that you get that good cardio workout.

  2. Thanks for sharing and that’s really helpful who want to make himself fit.But i have a problem. “I drink as much coffee as i can to get me zombie-like body out the door really i don’t know what is the effect on my body.
    what can i do now.

  3. Interesting blog as now a days everybody is facing health problems due to work pressure and other reasons and this irritating belly fat comes first.so exercise plays a very important role in maintaining our health as well as BEAUTY.

  4. Running is the best way to burn fat and treadmill running is equally effective to lose weight and fat burn. So good and fruitful workout.

  5. the gentle walking targets directly at the area with the fat instead of just hitting at the glycogen storage. Apart from this, the treadmill is ranked as the top cardiovascular exercise machine which helps in burning calories effectively