Take the 5-Day Gratitude Challenge

Gratitude Challenge

You know what’s one way to instantly improve your outlook and mood — and maybe even your overall health? Gratitude. Just look at all of this amazing research on it. Feeling thankful is a sure-fire way to change your perspective and simply feel good and content with where you are right now. It helps you to see life through a more positive and awe-inspired lens, which is why this week we’re issuing a free five-day gratitude challenge for you!

The 5-day gratitude challenge is pretty darn simple (and awesome). All you have to do is follow along each day as we issue you a new daily feel-good assignment. The daily challenges will be announced in a new blog post and on all of our social media channels (we’re pretty much @FitBottomedGirl everywhere!). Simply check in, do the fun activity and FEEL AWESOME.

Now, let’s get started with today’s challenge! (Starting late? No worries, you can find all of the daily challenges here.)

Day 1 Gratitude Challenge


List out 25 things you’re grateful for and share them on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram with #GratefulFor. It can be things around you, things your body does for you, your friends, family, nature … ANYTHING that makes you feel thankful.

It’s a simple assignment, but it works. Note how uplifted you feel once you’ve made your list.

Guys, we cannot wait to read these! —Jenn


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  1. I’m engaged in a social media blackout until after the election because I got tired of all the negativity. So I will post my list here. Sobriety, husband, kitties, puppy, bike, free gym, great job, being back in school, finding my voice, great books, the public library, having enough, self-inquiry, vision board, cooler weather, the internet, laughter, a comfortable home, habitica, food choices, opportunities to learn, meditation, yoga, being smoke-free over 2 weeks, cell phones, recipes.