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How to Get Through Long Runs When You Have Allergies

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You guys know how I’m working on my running goals? Well, everything had been going great. I’d been running regularly during the week and slowly adding on mileage. And it was feeling great. Like, GREAT!

And then, spring hit about three weeks early and I was all like …


Which totally sucks because not only do I go through tissues at a ridiculous rate, but also my allergies made me want to avoid doing anything outside — working in the yard, drawing with sidewalk chalk alongside my daughter, walking the dog — let alone going for a long run.


But in a phenomenon we’ve discussed here before, the universe provided me with this. And it changed everything.

FLONASE Sensimist Allergy Relief is totally new, totally awesome and totally found at CVS (which is really convenient, right?!). You simply shake up the bottle, mist it 1-2 times in each nostril, and you have allergy relief that’s prescription-strength (without the prescription!).

I am particularly sensitive to pollen and after using this stuff for two weeks, I saw HUGE changes in my outdoor life. Less nasal congestion (a big selling point of Flonase Sensimist, as a lot of other allergy relief medications don’t address congestion), less sneezing, and more running of my legs and not, you know, my nose. Flonase Sensimist also is great for giving you relief to dust allergies, pet allergies (see my pet above?), and basically everything else that can cause your eyes and nose to want to go bonkers during allergy season.

Kind of freaked out by putting a mister up your nose? I feel you. But this was really so gentle and easy to use. The spray was really fine and the relief was pretty immediate for me. It was also scent-free, alcohol-free and virtually drip-free. So don’t be intimidated!

For me, this product was the difference of going for a long run … or not going for a long run. Or doing it on a treadmill, which, I mean, it’s so pretty out this time of year — why would I want to be indoors? I don’t. I want to frolic with the flowers and the pollen. And Flonase Sensimist helps me do that and be greater in my life (and for my runs!)— for a full 24 hours after one dose. (Crazy awesome, I know.)


Seeing that people with seasonal allergies make more than 8.5 million visits to the doctor annually, and hay fever alone causes nearly 4 million missed or lost workdays, I bet I’m not alone. Which is why I’m sharing this all with you today. So, if you suffer from allergies like I do, you best head to CVS to pick some up!

Will you be getting #SensimistAtCVS? Tell us how it’s going to help you to #BeGreater, too! —Jenn

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  1. Jessi says:

    Thank you for a very important post!!! Hate this time of the year. All those allergies symptoms. Have to try this product. Thanks for sharing!!!

  2. Rich says:

    Great post guys! My hayfever is always bad, itchy eyes, unstoppable sneezing – you name it, I do it! Hoping for a better year as some are better than others. Rich 🙂

  3. Catherine says:

    Thanks indeed for the post!! one of my friend child getting affected from sneezing so I would share this to her. Thanks a lot. 🙂

  4. Paola says:

    What a great post! With allergies, its so difficult to want to run with all that stuff draining from your nose and just being itchy all the time! Thanks for sharing!

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