This App Makes Intuitive and Healthier Eating Possible

Intuitive eating has changed my LIFE. But I did it with the help of a registered dietitian, and a little paper notebook that I scribbled religiously in about everything — what I ate, how I felt, how hungry I was, how full I was after, and more feelings. All the feelings, in factBecause before I got on the intuitive eating train, I ate for all kinds of reasons (boredom, deprivation, procrastination, loneliness, happiness, rebellion, shame, simply because it was there), but rarely was it because I was actually feeling hungry. And rarely did I ever eat what my body was actually craving and needing.
It took me a long time and a lot of self-reflection to figure out why I was eating, break those all-or-nothing patterns, and focus on eating to make myself feel good and energetic. And while that long process was TOTALLY worth it (and led to the creation of Fit Bottomed Girls), you know what? This app would have made it a whole lot easier.

YouAte is new to the app scene and I LOVE IT. No counting calories, it’s totally customizable and flexible to exactly the parameters of healthy eating you’re going for (like, vegan or gluten-free or limiting carbs or alcohol or sugar — SO many options that you can tweak!), and it’s all about setting habits by making you both aware of what you’re eating and by helping you track how you feel before and after you eat it. You simply set up your profile and goals, and the app puts you on your “path.” Then, each time you eat and drink, you snap a photo of what you’re eating and then answer a few questions about how it makes you feel and if it’s “on path” or not.

If it’s on path, great! If it’s not? No guilt. No restriction. Just see how it makes you feel, learn from that, and then be encouraged to make an on-path choice the next time you eat. Over time, the app tracks what percentage of meals were on path, how long you go between meals and even how long you average fasting at night (in case you’re into that sort of thing).
If I had this app back in my pre-FBG days, guys, I would use it RELIGIOUSLY. It’s so intuitive and pretty and fun. It’s basically got all the essential elements of that early little notebook — because, fun fact, I actually got to consult and give feedback on the YouAte app earlier this year, so it actually does have a bit of my experience in it. I know the app has big plans to add even more features to it, so be sure to download it now (it’s free!) and give it a try.
If you want to start eating more intuitively and set healthier habits, the YouAte app is, well, where it’s at. —Jenn

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  1. Apps like these are really convenient for us, right? I am looking for applications for healthy eating like this. Very nice, thank you for sharing. Great.