The Essential CrossFit Outfit


I remember when I first started doing CrossFit-style workouts, I pretty much wore yoga pants and running shoes to every class. But now? There’s SO much CrossFit-specific apparel and gear out there. And it’s hella cute and/or hella functional (or both!). Take these five products for example. They pretty much make up the essential CrossFit outfit!

Funny Tank: Boxstar Tanks

CrossFitters take their workouts seriously. They take their PRs seriously. They do NOT take themselves seriously though. Case in point, the number of hilarious tanks out there. From dirty puns to carb jokes, apparel companies like Boxstar create inside jokes for you to wear in the box (and out).

Shoes for Double-Unders: Ropix Sonic

If you’re really serious about getting better at double-unders, then you might need to throw a pair of Ropix Sonic ($79) into your gym bag. Designed specifically for jumping rope, these are super lightweight and super low to the ground. While they can’t guarantee you a new all-time high DBU-in-a-row count, they certainly can increase your chances!

High-Performance Socks: U-Sox Serena No-Show Tab

You got the funny tank and the right shoes, but what about your socks? While you want to keep a knee-high pair for rope climbing in your gym bag, those can get really hot for the everyday non-rope WOD. So try something high-performance yet fun like these Serena No-Show Tab socks from U-Sox ($9.90). The tab prevents chafing on your heels, and the light-weight and breathable mesh instep means that you can focus on your form and not your feet.

Cute Bottoms (With Pockets!): RBX Active Vortex Capris

Yes, short shorts are the rage at many a CrossFit gym, but these RBX Active Vortex Capris ($29.99 — great price point, yo) give you more coverage and keep you cool with mesh panels. They also have pockets that fit your phone, which is hella convenient. Because we all know you’re going to brunch after that Saturday morning workout and it’s helpful to have a pocket for your stuff.

Hydration Help: Bob’s Pickle Pops

Okay, so you can’t wear these. But — believe us — once you try them, you’ll consider them an essential part of your workout. You’re probably already bringing water and some post-WOD protein powder to the gym, but on really hot days or for workouts that you know are going to take awhile and work up a serious sweat (Murph, anyone?), Bob’s Pickle Pops are a must! About a dollar a pop (or less if you buy in bulk), these are made from dill pickles and nothing else. Recent research has shown that pickle juice can be beneficial in helping counteract the effects of dehydration and cramping — so these just might help you to keep performing at your highest level. For a cool pickled treat, try them frozen!

What else goes into your perfect CrossFit outfit? —Jenn

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