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How to Simplify Healthy Living for You and Your Family

Arlene Santiago is a Transformational Health Coach and mom of three. She helps moms who struggle with time (because there’s never enough, right?!) and low energy to discover a life of confidence and vitality. Arlene also helps those over age 50 who want to prevent injury, improve balance, and mobility. And today she’s sharing ways to simplify healthy living — not only for you, but for your whole family, too!



Let’s face it — life with a list of to-dos and work is stressful. It can seem impossible to have a healthy lifestyle, even if you really, truly want it.

But, what if you could take baby steps towards your goals each week to build a solid foundation for health and energy? One that you — and you family — could follow?

Let’s make the impossible simple.

Because you can start new habits today that will give you a great foundation for healthy living — minus the deprivation and restrictions.

Drink water.

We know water is good for us, yet so many of us are dehydrated. This can show up in many ways: dry skin, headaches, lack of focus, and fatigue. Your body will function best when you give it what it needs. Some of the benefits of water include:

  • Boosting your energy
  • Improving the quality of your skin
  • Helping you get rid of toxins in your body

Start out with increasing your water intake daily until you reach half your body weight in ounces.

Here’s a tip: Get up every hour and drink a glass of water.

Eat slowly.

As moms, many of us have both big projects and little things that pop up on any given day — and together, they can take up a big part of the day, leaving us with seemingly little time for anything else. So, we try to make up time where we can, like by eating quickly.

However, I urge to you to eat slowly. Slowing down not only helps with digestion, but it also makes it easier to truly tune into your hunger and fullness cues.

Try adding five to 10 minutes to each meal. Sit down and enjoy your food — putting your utensils down between bites.

If you catch yourself rushing, simply take a breath and work on moving forward with more mindfulness. It’ll get easier with time.

Eat more veggies.

We have been told our whole lives to eat our vegetables. But are you getting five or more servings a day? Mom was pushing the vegetables for a reason.

Since vegetables are high in fiber, it benefits our body’s detoxification and help you stay regular. Plus, fresh vegetables are full of nutrients, protect your body against diseases, and provide you with energy!

Begin to incorporate vegetables into your favorites dishes or add them as a side. You can also cut veggies ahead of time (try them with hummus or almond butter) and have them as a snack during the day.


Healthy eating and exercise work best when done together.

No time for (or interest in) the gym? Try taking a walk, which can:

  • Lower blood sugar levels
  • Lower triglyceride levels, which can prevent a lot of cardiovascular diseases and other heart-related conditions
  • Improve your mood

After a busy day, it’s tempting to watch TV after dinner, but a little neighborhood stroll is a healthier habit to develop. Here are a few tips to change the cycle:

  • Keep your walking shoes visible, as it’s a great reminder to take a walk
  • Take your pet for a walk after dinner and turn it into a ritual
  • Make a pact with a family member or friend to take a walk every day after you eat

Create healthy habits.

Focus on one habit at a time and incorporate a new habit once you have mastered the prior one.

Be patient and consistent, and you will reap the rewards of a healthier you. Once these habits are in place, it will become easier to add new ones and continually make positive changes in your life.

For more information and to learn ways in which I may be able to help you reach your goals, follow me on Facebook or visit www.arlenesantiago.com. If healthy tips and recipes are things you want and need, join my Facebook group, Be Fit with Arlene–Arlene Santiago

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