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Making Tasty Smoothies Just Got a Whole Lot Easier

We love tasty smoothies. You love tasty smoothies. And we just tried a service that makes getting those tasty smoothies in your belly totes easy — and good for you. (And filling. Because making a smoothie only to be hangry an hour later sucks.)

Say hello to SmoothieBox.

Delivered straight to your door, SmoothieBox sends you everything you need for a tasty and nutritious smoothie — already chopped and ready to go. All you have to do is pick your pre-chopped and frozen flavor packet (Clementine, Cacao, or Green), add in your collagen peptides (which, yes, means it’s not a vegetarian-friendly option), top off with your favorite liquid, and then blend to perfection.

What you’ll get is a power-packed and nutrient-dense smoothie full of organic whole fruits, veggies, seeds, and grass-fed beef collagen peptides in about 60 seconds. You can always add a scoop of nut butter or even some coffee or coconut cream to ramp up flavor even more, but I found these on their own to be really, really good.

The Clementine flavor (shown above) reminds me of a tangy Creamsicle and has Mandarin oranges, carrot, sweet potato, and ginger in it, while the Cacao has a satisfying chocolate punch to it with banana, zucchini, kale, and cacao nibs and powder. Then there’s the Green that’s the brightest and freshest tasting of them all with spinach, avocado, pineapple, and ginger.

Each flavor has about 300 calories, 20 grams of protein (including the amino acids glycine, proline, and hydroxyproline from the collagen peptides, which help with healthier and stronger hair and nails, better skin, joint and muscle strength, gut health and are anti-inflammatory) and 10 grams of healthy fats. All flavors are paleo-friendly, dairy-free, and gluten-free.

I really did love all the flavors — and found it hard to pick a favorite. Instead, it was fun to have a mix of them in my freezer and then pick whatever flavor fit my mood (and my pregnancy cravings) for that morning … or afternoon … or evening. I found that these made for an awesome quick breakfast, but also a great snack or after-dinner treat.

The price-point on these is about $6 a smoothie — and shipping is free. Plus, because, we dug SmoothieBox so hard, we actually became an affiliate — and scored y’all a special deal on your first box. Get the deets here and be sure to sign up today. They’ve got a new berry flavor coming out this month that we have a feeling is going to be extra delicious!

What’s your fave special smoothie ingredient? Ginger is a staple for me! –Jenn

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