Let’s Get Personal: Do You Wear Underwear When Working Out?

run in underwear

Or you could do the opposite and JUST wear underwear to work out! Credit: Josh Pesavento (broma)

There’s no such thing as TMI on FBG, right? (And if you disagree, I recommend you click on this instead. It’s about the most G-rated thing we have.) I mean, we’ve discussed butt-chafing, pit stains, peeing standing up, and even the beauty of the BM. So, asking about going commando during workouts is pretty par for the course.

Here’s how I see it (I’m sure a lot of you will disagree): it depends. Yoga or running tights/capris? Commando. Running shorts on the trail? Commando. Running shorts at the gym? Underwear. Running shorts in a group ex class where you might have to do crunches? Just-out-of-the-wash underwear, preferably in a dark color. Workout of any kind at home? Eh, depends on the day and the risk of chafing. In my workout experience, as long as its comfortable, there’s no need for this and you’re in no danger of pulling a Britney-Spears-getting-out-of-a-car-circa-2007, you’re good to go sans undies if you so desire. What about you though?

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Now, this should make for some interesting comments. Share your workout-underwear truth below! —Jenn


  1. Kelly says

    I go without underwear in tight workout capris, but not in anything else. Especially running shorts – I bet it’s more comfortable to go commando, but I’d be too afraid of someone seeing something!

    Still trying to convince my boyfriend it’s not weird to not wear underwear in the capris, though. I mean, it has a gusset! Clearly no underwear belongs in there!

  2. Julie says

    If I’m working out at home I’ll just throw on sweatpants or shorts (or sometimes whatever I slept in). If I leave the house I wear underwear.

  3. shannon says

    Uh yes why wouldn’t anyone not wear underwear. I sweat like a race horse down their (TMI)when i do serious cardio and then do to lift weights. If I didnt wear panties no one will use the weight machines after me lol. But one time in kettle bell class a woman wore shear tights and no undies and i saw all her goodies. I was horrified :(

  4. Heather says

    For me, it’s all about workout underwear. My personal favorite being Under Armor undies…or as I call them, “Rundies”. They are microfiber, don’t ride up, and are super comfortable.

  5. Carrie says

    I never wear underwear when I work out at home unless there is fear of chafing. At the gym or other public setting I usually wear men’s boxer briefs. They don’t ride up like women’s underwear and they stretch.

  6. kate says

    i never, EVER wear underwear! They build in underwear in those running shorts for a reason :) :) And obviously, I can’t have lines (….or wedgies ha) when I wear yoga pants!

  7. Wendy in Kennewick says

    Never wear with capris or long shorts. If I wore short shorts, I would wear undies. With regard to sweating, aren’t you supposed to wipe down the equipment and seats after you use them. Regarding the comment above, I think I’ll also wipe things down before I use them.

  8. Stephanie says

    I never do. With running shorts, all mine have built in underwear. With tight workout pants it’s not like anything jiggles (well, you know what I mean, I’m contained by the pants, so don’t need underwear to do that job) and my workout pants usually have some sort of reinforced crotch area with an extra layer of fabric.

    Most true workout gear accounts for what goes on in our pants and really removes the need. I think it then becomes preference, and I already have enough laundry, I don’t need to dirty extra sets of underwear just because I worked out in some!

  9. Sarah says

    So, I tried sans undies in a new pair of capris and I did like not having any lines. BUT, what do you do about the very obvious sweat spots in certain nooks and crannies?? That was not so attractive.

  10. Jodi says

    I sometimes go without when I wear tight capris, but it depends on the material – if they’re more nylon/spandex-y, it just gets too damp down there! But if they’re more of a cotton/poly blend, then it’s do-able.
    So what do the FBGs do?!

  11. Celina Yanez says

    I go commando EVERYWHERE. I’m sorry but I have done some cardio weight burn classes and sometimes my thong is so far up my bootie that it irritates it. I have the Underarmor undies but I’m sorry they’re pricey so I only have a couple for when I wear short that don’t have the undies included. Overall, it’s uncomfortable and I live in LA you cannot be caught dead with major pantie lines.

  12. Bianca Jade says

    I’m glad you ladies raised this topic because it’s one that I find super important! I am 100% for underwear. The idea of going commando and either getting 1) camel toe or 2) private part chafing is beyond scary. As a fitness fashion & trend expert on MizzFIT.com, I tell all my readers to invest in comfortable fitness panties that are built with 1) moisture wicking, 2) aren’t too tight or too loose, 3) have anti-microbial fabric and 4) are made to breathe. I know that sounds like a lot but as long as you rely on brands like Lululemon, Under Armour and Moving Comfort then you are in good hands. Going commando is just not healthy for your Vajayjay!!!! Trust me, even if you’ve gotten away with it once or twice without any trouble, trouble will eventually strike and that is not a place where you want or need it! Invest in fitness panties, ladies! Your Vajayjay will thank you and you’ll have a worry-free work out.

    That’s my 2 cents.


  13. minarous says

    Didn’t realize people didn’t wear underwear to work out……I wear a thong though during most gym excursions, at home it doesn’t matter.

  14. christieo says

    haha! I never actually thought about this, I wear them always unless I am competing in a triathlon or doing a mock try in which I’m wearing a tri suit which doubles as a bathing suit. Every other situation, undies for me!

  15. Willie says

    Try ChafeAway.com. Its a peel and stick body wrap thats smooth and comfortable to wear and it protects your skin from chafing and irritation.

    Smooth anti-chafing body wraps. Wear it on the skin to protect those sensitive parts of the body, simple to apply, non-latex and lasts longer than the gels. Chafe Away wraps bend and move with the skin. Protect any part of the body and custom cut to your contour.

  16. Stacee says

    Always wear undies. Even the best work out gear, whether it be Lululemon, Athleta, Under Armour etc. stretches to the point where, if you happen to be standing behind someone in a weight program class, the lady bits are going to show. I really don’t want you to see what I have to offer so please be mindful and not show off what you have.

  17. Bee says

    At the gym, yes. But I normally run or do aerobics at home, and it’s a lot more comfy going commando. For what it’s worth, I never wear shorts, though.

  18. Patricia says

    I go commando all the time b/c I wear capris or long exercise pants to workout at home, gym or go running. It’s a must to wear underwear under running shorts in the gym especially guys. Years ago, I saw a guy’s frank and beans. He was wearing running shorts and running next to me on a treadmill. It wasn’t pretty. A vision that hasn’t gone away.

  19. Laura says

    I always wear underwear while working out. However, I haven’t been able to find a good pair of workout undies that I like. I really want to try out the Moving Comfort hipsters, but I can’t find anywhere that sells them in Vancouver. Has anyone found them anywhere in BC?

  20. Jeff says

    I don’t wear underwear. I wear a pair of spandex shorts with a pair of shorts over them. It works out real well and very comfortable.

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