Workout I Did: Yoga in Millennium Park


Like Kristen, one of my favorite parts of traveling is getting out and doing stuff. Like outdoor stuff. Like active stuff. Like workouts in the coolest of places. My most recent workout adventure? Yoga in Millennium Park in Chicago. Part of the BlogHer activities, Yasso (you know how much I love to …
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Valuing Your Health Over Your Weight (and Facing Your Fears)


A few months ago, BlogHer approached me about speaking on a panel for its HealthMinder Day in Chicago about Weight vs. Health --- and how the two sometimes don't have a darn thing in common. Seeing that that topic is sooo my jam (you are more than the number on the scale!) I was pumped to join …
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Jamba Juice and Tons of Fun Workouts in the Hot, Hot Chicago Sun


You know who puts on a good party? Jamba Juice. Tish and I were lucky enough to go to its spring blogging event in LA this past spring, and just a couple weeks ago, they flew me out to Chicago for a whole day of fitness-y, Jamba-y fun in the hot, hot Chi-town summer sun. Like the last Pop-Up Fitness …
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Workout in the City: Walking and Running Tips for City Dwellers

running in city

Living in a big city can be exciting. If you call New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago or San Francisco home, you have access to some of the hottest and trendiest health clubs and group exercise classes right in your own backyard. And even if you live in an urban part of Dallas, Seattle, Kansas City, …
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