Sippin’ on Summer: Tazo’s Iced Green, Black and Passion Tea (with Giveaway!)


Here's my definition of summer: flip flops, cut-offs, bikini top, chemical-free sunscreen and a glass of iced tea. To me, this is summery perfection. But, I'll be honest, making a big vat of iced tea can be tasty—for the first five glasses or so—and then you kind of need something to spice things …
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Making Kombucha at Home (The Fermented Tea Everyone Is Sipping On)

homemade kombucha

Kombucha, aka fermented tea brewed from a solid mass of yeast and bacteria? Yes, it sounds a little gross. Okay, a lot gross. But it's not. No, really. I made it—at home. And you can, too, 'cause we're giving a homemade kombucha kit! But I get ahead of myself... While there isn't much research on …
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Two Natural Ways to Get More Energy


With so many unnatural energy fixes on the market these days, we thought we'd try these two more natural products that promise to energize. After all, who doesn't want more energy for your workouts—and life?! PALO Natural Vitality Tea with Mamajuana So this one was a new one for us. We had never …
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