A Tasty Recovery & Giveaway!

Now that I have a marathon under my belt, I’ve become quite the pro about fueling before and after long, tough workouts. And today I want to tell you about three recent recovery products we received here at FBG HQ. (Say that three times fast.) Are they effective? Worth the price tag? Even remotely delicious? Read on for these answers and much, much more (read: giveaway)!

Myoplex Strength Formula Shakes

After my first 20-mile training run, I felt a lot of things: pride from running that far in 20-degree temps, exhaustion from running that far in 20-degree temps, and frozen from running that far in 20-degree temps. One thing I didn’t feel? Hunger. Believe it or not, eating is the last thing you want to do after running for 3+ hours. However, it’s the one thing you must do. And the sooner, the better. That’s why the EAS Myoplex Strength Formula nutrition shake went over well in my household. EAS sent me the banana cream flavor to try, and although it was too sweet for my taste buds, I could easily chug it down after a long run without feeling sick. And the re-closable, 14-ounce plastic bottle packs in 25 grams of protein and a mix of 23 vitamins and minerals that are excellent for recovery. It’s just a little more than 200 calories for the whole bottle.

If banana isn’t your bag, the shakes also come in chocolate, vanilla and strawberry. A 12-bottle pack of the stuff retails for $34.99, which is dang pricey. But when you’re training for something big, and you want every workout to count  (and you want to feel good the next day, too), it’s worth it if you have the extra dough to spend!

Myoplex Strength Bar

This chocolate mint protein bar that EAS Myoplex sent us can’t be guzzled down after a hard workout like the banana cream shake can, but it can be nom-nomed. In a really delicious way, too. Like really, really delicious. Like as delicious as a candy bar. And did I mention it’s chocolate-mint (aka the flavor that drives me wild)? Like the shake, this bar has 25 grams of protein, and mad vitamins and minerals.

The bar is definitely more dense (and tastier) than the shake, but it also has more calories. One bar is darn near 300 cals. And each bar costs at least $2, even when you buy in bulk. Ouch. But, again, when I need some protein and am having a mint-chocolate attack, this is my go-to feel-better treat!

Vega Vibrancy Bar

It’s well documented that we’re fans of Vega products (see here and here and here). So when Vega offered up a new one for us to try—its new Vibrancy Bars—heck yea, I was game! What I love most about the bars is the ingredient list. Each bar is filled with super healthy stuff: 4 grams of Omega 3- and 6- essential fatty acids, 5 grams of soluble and insoluble fiber, and 10 grams of plant-based protein from sprouted buckwheat, hemp seeds, sprouted almonds, brown rice and pea protein. For you raw foodies, the bars are also 85 percent raw.

At about 200 calories a bar, you can choose from chocolate, berry or “green synergy” flavors. I honestly couldn’t tell that much of a taste difference between the bars, but thought they all tasted good. They’re sweet and have a lot of dates in them, reminding me of a Larabar, only the Vega Vibrancy bars have a pleasant yet slight crunch to their chewiness. Overall, I liked! And thought that the ingredients were worth a higher price tag ($36 for a pack of 12).

If you’d like to try some yourself and live in the U.S., leave a comment below, and one lucky commenter will win a Vega Vibrancy bar prize pack!

The final verdict? These recovery products may be pricey, but in a pinch they can be worth it. I still prefer whole fresh foods to refuel after a long run or workout, but convenience is, well, convenient. And sometimes that’s what a girl needs—along with some mint chocolate. Mmm… —Jenn

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  1. I, too, have always been curious about those shakes. I recently tried Muscle Milk Lite, which I would NOT recommend — it’s chalky and overly sweet. Thanks for the thoughtful reviews of tastier recovery treats!

  2. Myoplex commercials make me want to go workout every time I see one. I’ve never tried Vega, I don’t make a habit of seeking out vegan products, but I’ve heard some good things!

  3. I love the LaraBars, and now I can’t wait to try the Vega Vibrancy Bars! Thanks so much for info!

  4. Always in search of a great and easy source of protein to satiate me after my workouts, I need to up my intake of it and these sound like a great way to do it!

  5. Never really paid attention to my post workout snacks. But as they are getting harder it is becoming more essential to be delibarate about my choice snack. Thanks for the info.

  6. mmmmm……I’m always trying to find bars that have simple ingredients and taste good! Thanks for the review!

  7. I definitely need some guidance in my post-workout noshing. Because , truthfully…i dont know what the heck to eat/drink after…

  8. Oooh since I’m training for a half marathon I would love to try these. Maybe I’ll get past the myoplex taste on my longer runs.. I wasn’t able to stomach it the first time I tried it. the vega bars sound great.. I have to share that with my friend who is a vegetarian

  9. Is there a point when you should use these products? I mean does a 2 mile run constitute guzzling one these drinks?

  10. Thanks for review. I think I’m definitely going to try the chocolate mint bar…I love chocolate mint and protein and when they come together it must be heaven!!! 🙂

  11. Training for my 4th marathon and have been experimenting with a lot of different recovery and midrun foods. I have mastered the midrun foods for my sensitive stomach but have yet to find a good and yummy recovery shake, the Myoplex sounds fantastic though and the appropriate amount of calories. this may be my 4th marathon but 20 milers are never a whole lot of fun. I am doing 18 on Saturday, will give it a try then!

  12. I’ve tried the Myoplex products and they’re great…would love to try the Vega too!! Congrats on your marathon!!

  13. i haven’t tried any vega products, but i am working hard on my lifestyle change here. great post, thanks!!

  14. Thanks so much for the opportunity! I’ve really wanted to try these after seeing them around the blogworld!

  15. i have wanted to try these vibrancy bars for awhile but haven’t been able to find them, would love to win some!

  16. I keep unsalted raw nuts in my purse at all times and they sure come in handy in emergencies. These bars look great but wow, expensive. Love to win some though so thanks!

  17. I’d absolutely love to win the Vega bars! I’m so grateful to have discovered this line of products that I can trust to be vegan and truly “clean.” I’ve only had a Vibrancy Bar once, so it’d be nice to try a different flavor. Thanks, FBG!

  18. I haven’t tried any Vega products, and I’d really like to try the Vibrancy bars! Then I can move on to try the Vega Smoothie infusion I’ve been reading about : )

  19. I’ve seen the Vega products in nearly every foodie blog I’m following, and I’d love to have some! 🙂

  20. I am ALL about food bars that are as nutritious as they are delicious! I have never heard about these before, but I am a big Larabar fan so I am sure I would absolutely love these!