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I’m Turning the Big 3-0


Credit: Theresa Thompson

Later this week, I turn the big 3-0. And while I thought this would be a big, milestone birthday for me, it turns out I’m quietly peaceful and calm about the whole thing. (Well, besides an old school Skeeball and martini-filled party I’m throwing myself to pay homage to my 20s.) But I think everything they say about your 20s is true. It’s your time to feel insecure, figure yourself out, make mistakes—and make your way. I’ve certainly done that and then some.

It was in my 20s that I finally got help with emotional eating and overexercising, got married, bought a house, adopted a dog, had an existential crisis that caused me to create this website, worked my ass off, mourned a grandfather, ran a marathon, realized the incredible power of family and good friends, found out the hard way that you can’t always get what you want, quit my day job and realized the power of dreams. My relationship with food and exercise has gone from obsessive to cautious to empowering and enjoyable. And through it all I’ve learned the biggest and simplest lesson of all: to be grateful because we really are blessed in so many ways if we just look around and realize the innate power we posses to choose and go after our own best possible life as defined by us.

It’s hard to imagine what the next decade will have in store for me, but I plan to be a bad ass. From growing this site and Fit Bottomed Babies to continuing my own personal adventures in loving all that life has to offer, I’m pumped to discover what many say comes naturally with age: poise, confidence and living your life for you and those you love. Other goals? Well, you know I’ve got fitness ones!

Fitness Goals for the Next Decade

1. Run another marathon. For this marathon I plan to foam roll every day, stretch and take more rest days and walk breaks to prevent injury!

2. Compete in a triathlon. And by “compete” I mean “finish.” This is the final fitness event on my bucket list, and I plan on checking it off in the next few years.

3. Go mainly meat-free. While I’ll write more about my experience going vegetarian for the month of January later, suffice it to say that the experience went well and that I plan to keep up many of my meat-free ways, albeit without going entirely herbivore.

4. Harness my intuitiveness. I’ve already blogged about intuitive eating, but I want to expand this to all areas of my life. What do I feel like doing for today’s workout? Should I rest or go to yoga? Make that business deal or not? Have drinks with friends or stay in? We usually know the right answer if we just listen. And I plan on listening more.

5. Expand the fit family. Yep, my biological clock is ticking, and I hope to bring another Fit Bottomed Girl or boy into the world. I plan to raise the kiddo with a healthy lifestyle, while still keeping myself and my fitness a priority.

For those of you in your 20s, how do you feel about turning 30? For those of you ages 30 and above, what awesomeness can I expect? —Jenn

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