‘Inspired’ to Run with Mizuno’s New Collection (with Giveaway!)

Although, in my mind, Mizuno is one of those sports-apparel brands that the “real” runners wear (sort of how I feel about only Ironmen being cool enough to rock designer sport sunglasses—yet this could be just my inner-sports-fashion hangups projecting onto others), it turns out that they pretty much have apparel for any and all, no matter the fitness background (and 5K PR). We had the opportunity to try a few pieces from the company’s Inspired Collection, which includes the same super-technology driven design and features that you’d see in Mizuno’s elite line, only with more coverage for us everyday workouters!

mizuno-running-womens-meridian-running-capriMeridian Running Capri

I love running capris enough that I’d consider myself a connoisseur. They’re just the perfect length when you need to go from running to sit-ups (no flashing of anything, thank you!) or from running to the grocery store (short-shorts in the frozen section is chilly!). And if you’re someone who wants her capris with a little less tightness and a little more give, these are your capris. Hitting just below the knee, they aren’t baggy enough to get in your way, but they also aren’t tight enough to show every nook and cranny of your lower half. With a price tag of more than $50, you’re really paying for quality and design. Although, they do have a super-cute hem detail on them that’s bright pink and bright blue. So. Darling.

Nirvana Sleeveless Running

When it comes to running shirts, I ask two questions: Does it chafe and will it weigh me down? Basically I want something that wicks sweat, doesn’t rub me the wrong way (quite literally) and feels good. The best shirts make me feel like I’m wearing nothing at all—except the fact that I know I am, which takes away that whole naked-in-public panicked feeling you get in dreams. And this sleeveless running tee? It happily passes my two-question test. Smooth and comfortable, it takes care of sweat. Because I have broader shoulders than most girls, I’m always cautious with the sleeveless tees as the armholes have a tendency to irritate my underarms, but this one was generous enough to forgo that problem—without putting my sports bra on display from the side. I call that a victory worth the $35.99 price tag.


mizuno-running-womens-ascendAscend 2-IN-1 Running Shorts

This Mizuno short had me at “2-IN-1,” (I just love things that do double-duty!)—but unfortunately after a run I wasn’t nearly as jazzed about its fit as I was its concept. With a longer inseam, this short definitely gives you more coverage, which is great for those who aren’t ready to take a jaunt around the neighborhood in those itty-bitty running shorts. These shorts also feature an inner liner for additional coverage and sweat-wicking abilities. Although I get why the liner is there (see my comment about sit-ups above), wearing shorts with too long-ish layers just felt heavy to me. Granted, I tried these on a 90-degree day in the Midwest, so it’s obviously a bit of user error on my part, but these just weren’t my bag, baby. Again, though, the shorts are quality, and you’ll pay for it. A pair goes for just less than $50.


Want to try some of this gear yourself and conveniently wear a size medium? We have a full Mizuno running outfit (shorts and tee) just burning a hole in our proverbial pocket. To be entered to win, leave a comment telling us why your running wardrobe needs an upgrade, and we’ll select one random U.S. commenter in a week to win! The winner will be notified directly by email. Good luck, runners! —Jenn


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  1. My running wardrobe could use a jolt of color and a little style – I just finished a 5K and for the very first time in my life, I didn’t walk any of it! It feels like a huge achievement, and now I’m looking forward to running through summer! 🙂

  2. I’m still running in cheerleading and soccer shorts from high school (I graduated college two years ago!). And new running gear is always a great motivator!

  3. I mostly rock the old college t-shirts and whatever shorts I can find (including my brother’s old gym shorts)…not a stellar look! =P Not to mention the fact that some new gear would make my day!

  4. My t-shirts that I’ve cut the sleeves off of should really graduate to be used as cleaning rags–if I only I had something to replace them!

  5. I have never tried Mizuno’s clothing before and I would really like to see what it’s all about…

  6. I’m 6 months in to getting my pre baby body back and my current workout clothes are too big. I am desperate for an upgrade! Thank you!

  7. I need an upgrade because I am wearing out all my t-shirts and shirts! And I could alwasy use more color in my wardrobe 🙂

  8. I’m on week 5 of my health and fitness goals and a new running outfit would be great motivation as I increase the length of my run next week. As any woman in an Alabama summer knows anything that wicks away sweat is a must-have here!!!

  9. *Trying* to be a runner in southeast Texas… and most of my running clothes are random things cobbled together from gym clothes and my husband’s old college/work T-shirts. It would be nice to have something that fits, is meant for running, and is not stolen from my husband’s side of the closet!

  10. As many other readers, my go to running outfits consist of H.S. race shirts and gym shorts! And there definitely not that colorful!

  11. I have two pairs of capris and two tank tops that I use for my running. They are cotton tops, so they don’t wick the sweat away, and I live in Texas, so wicking is a very important quality for clothing!

  12. ohhh those are so cute! I’ve been wearing my old, I mean old leggings and a t-shirt, I would love to work out and look stylish!

  13. Just starting a running/jogging program and my wardrobe needs some updating. The moisture wicking would be awesome since I live in the desert…. :o)

  14. wow..this giveaway is perfect for me! I own two pairs of nike shorts and really really need more. I just keep washing and re-wearing them. I also wear a medium..yay! I really appreciate the chance!!

  15. I am getting back into running after a bit of a hiatus, and some colorful duds would be a great motivator to get out there, especially when I am tempted to sleep in.

  16. I need a new running outfit because I want to actually look halfway as good as running has been making me feel!

  17. I have lost weight so the majority of my wardrobe no longer fits. I have just started training for a full marathon. A new running outfit would be welcome! Thanks!

  18. My thighs have grown out of my current shorts (in a more-muscular sort of way)! I’m not unhappy about it, but I hate running in too-snug shorts!

  19. I need an upgrade because I’m getting into summer running (outside as opposed to the treadmill) and I need some light, cute, and colorful clothes for the road! 🙂

  20. It seems like all my running gear is from Target or TJ Max. It would be nice to have an “outfit” where the items actually matched. 🙂

  21. I just started running in February, did my first 5K in April, and am now totally hooked. Not mention, have gone from a L to a M size. So I’m ready to call myself a runner by switching from heavy-and-yucky-when-sweating cotton Ts and cotton capris to some real running clothes.

  22. My running wardrobe needs a huge update. I have always run on a treadmill and now I do most of my running outside. I can’t just wear a sports bra and old ratty shorts to run outside like I do to run in my living room.

  23. I still have running clothes that I wore in high school and during my undergrad (I’m now 8 years out of high school). I think it’s time for a wardrobe update!

  24. After using the same pair of running shoes for the last 5 years (I know, I know…), I finally bought a new pair of shoes and the improvement in my stride is noticeable. I would love to have a new outfit to go with the new sneaks.

  25. I’m wearing baggy tshirts and long black sweats…every day in the gym. I just can’t seem to find something that I feel comfortable in and basically…need an update!

  26. I’d like to try some of the 2-in-1 shorts! I like running skirts for the same reason, but I would definitely like to try the shorts!

  27. Not much shopping in the small town where I live! Would love to brighten up my early morning runs!

  28. I’ve just lost quite a bit of weight and really need some new running clothes….it’s a bit embarassing to have your running pants/shorts/skirt fall off you while running on the road…

  29. My running wardrobe definitely needs an upgrade–I’m 20 pounds down and 15 more to go, and all of my workout clothing is loose!

  30. I’ve been an avid runner for a decade, but am a graduate student that spends most nights eating rice mixed with some cream of mushroom soup. A direct cost of this is that my running wardrobe is starting to get a permanent smell, and it isn’t a pleasant run. At the end of the summer I’m scheduled to complete a 10K with a cutie I’ve been making eyes at for a while. A new (non-smelly) outfit would most definitely help make a positive impression!

  31. Hi gals,
    I run with 3 girlfriends each and every Friday. We spend 20-30min on Fridays pounding the pavement and catching up. The perfect combo: exercise and life catching up. We are going on year 3. A new set of running gear would keep me looking fly for the homeless cheering section at Mill Creek.

  32. I layer my shorts for better coverage too. I don’t usually invest in better quality running gear so unfortunately my current duds could use replacing. I just need to toss the stuff that’s lost the elasticity (I’m pretty bad about hanging on to my favs!), unless I feel like a sewing project (in my spare time!)

  33. I just started running in April and alternate two pairs of capris and some 9.99 Champion shirts from Target – I could definitely use an upgrade!

  34. Oh my gosh…my running wardrobe consists of two very elderly skorts with slightly melted bits from the dryer, one pair of shorts that fits OK, and two pairs of shorts that make me look like an old guy wearing a floppy loincloth. NOT GOOD. I would SO love to have something that’s functional and not ugly!

  35. Can’t do shorts with these thighs but I would love to try the capris! And the top is very cute. Pick me! Pick me!

  36. My running attire def needs an upgrade, as at the moment it is non-existant. I’m running my first half marthon in October!

  37. Definitely need a running gear upgrade! Right now it is all over sized t-shirts and old shorts from high school. I’m a junior in college now! lol

  38. I dont have real running attire. Just started enjoying running 3 years ago right before I had my 2nd daughter.

  39. I need some running clothes desperately. I have recently started upping my mileage and only have one pair of good running shorts and a top.

  40. I wear the same clothes day in and out. I don’t own any exercise wear. I have lost 25 lbs and still am wearing the same clothes. Please help.

    lkish77123 at gmail dot com

  41. I am wearing the same work-out clothes since high school and some of them have holes in them..I think that about says it all!

  42. My running wardrobe is pretty embarrassing–gym shorts and tee–I want an upgrade because I live in New York City, fashion central, but I can’t be stylish when all my money goes to rent!

  43. I’m new to running and have been running in regular tees and shorts. Before I make the investment in running gear, it’d be nice to try out specialized clothing to experience the difference.

  44. I love the longer shorts, even with the long insert. And the top is too cute! I just started training with Kansas City Express for a half marathon, and who doesn’t want to look cute for something like that?! 🙂

  45. I wore all of my running clothes as maternity clothes, instead of buying maternity clothes. Needless to say, they are a little on the worn and stretched side now…

  46. My running outfit needs an update b/c I wear old ratty T shirts and sweatpants, I’ve never specifically gotten myself a cute running outfit! Ty for the giveaway 🙂

    sswpss at yahoo dot com

  47. I recently read “Long May You Run” and it inspired me. I am running the Spartan Sprint next Saturday and am toying with the idea of trying to train for a half marathon to work my way up to a marathon. I have a hard time sticking with things and am a serious excuse maker. If I could really get behind training and establish a great schedule, I think running a marathon would be a major accomplishment. It’d be cool to check it off my bucket list. New running gear certainly couldn’t hurt!

  48. Wow, would love to win a new running outfit. I have lost 60 pounds through hard work and money has been a bit too tight to outfit myself with some new workout clothes.

  49. My running wardrobe is currently an old t-shirt and shorts! I don’t have any real running clothes, so I need this!

  50. I need these clothes! Nothing like a new wardrobe to inspire you to kick it up a notch. With the Alabama heat settling in it is getting harder and harder to hit the pavement. Looking gorgeous would be a new incentive:-)

  51. I’ve been running in capris and tees. Now that its getting hot I could really use some shorts and tanks! I need something cute and comfortable and that will also control the sweat!

  52. I feel the same way about running tees! I’m very picky about the fit and I’d love a new shirt that doesn’t ride up and show my tummy to the world while I’m running.

  53. Why woulnd’t you want to win this??!! I for one am a runner and I think am addicted to new running gear! I love to try out new brands and things-I just got into capris and skirts-now love them as much as my shorts!

  54. Exactly! Love the running capris and a sleeve top replace one of my many worn out tops!

  55. I need an upgrade on my Summer workout gear, it’s hot and I have some rips in the wrong places! yuck

  56. I love work out clothes! I have alot of mismatched outfits! I’d love a matching outfit!

  57. because of my running, my old clothes are getting too big for me. would love to have sometime in my size and way so cool.

  58. Oh, you have no idea how badly I need an upgrade!! You how new clothes makes you feel good, new workout clothes motivates me!! I’ve goaled myself a half marathon this year and new running clothes are a great kick in the pants!!
    Pick me!! Pick me 🙂

  59. Me, Me, Me! I need some new workout clothes and it’s my 55th birthday this month. I do Zumba, Kickboxing, weights,treadmill etc. and these would jazz up my routine.
    Thank you. :o)

  60. I’ve dropped 3 sizes running and working out but I’ve been lazy lately. A new Mizuno outfit would really motivate me to get out the door, they are sooo cute!

  61. My running attire needs some air…fresh air. I am training for the Monumental Marathon in Nov., Indianapolis. And at 51 y.o., I need all the help I can get! 😉

  62. I would love to have some new running clothes. I have a few things, but not enough to get through the week without doing laundry!! Yuck, laundry!! Please pick me!!!

  63. I am a mom to three girls, one headed off to college in the fall! I try to set a good example running and exercising for them. Would love to look good doing it!

  64. I totally need some new workout clothes because I’ve never really had any before – I just wore sweats or an old t-shirt. Thanks for the opportunity!

  65. Love all these give aways! Can’t wait to win something! These would be great to have to train in for the Tough Mudder I’ll be running in October! I need all the help and encouragement for that!!

  66. Went from a size 2X about 18 months ago to a medium now…would love some new workout gear! 🙂

  67. I need to upgrade my wardrobe because I am working out more, getting faster and losing weight! I need new clothes so I have cute clothes to keep me motivated and replace my bigger clothes 🙂

  68. This would be perfect for me because I’ve gone up a size since a knee injury took me off the road. I promise not to work my way out of a medium! (That was a lie 😉 )

  69. I am new to running, just started training for a 5k in the Texas heat and woul love to have some breathable running clothes.

  70. This would be so great.. I noticed the other morning..that I just took my running clothes out of the dryer..and well they were still STINKY…thinking I need an upgrade..same running shorts and bra for three years..YIKES! or should I say YUCKQ

  71. A girl can never have too many cute running clothes! Call me crazy, but I love to wear matching tops and bottoms even when sweating my buns off!

  72. Would LOVE to try these~~After 8 months of Zumba I am proud to say that I have lost 28 pounds, lowered my blood pressure and cholesterol, and for the 1st time in my 42 years I actually feel like nothing can stop me now!!! WOOHOO! Think this new workout gear would definately fit my new outlook on life!!

  73. I don’t really HAVE any running outfits. I have some old t shirts (cotton) and a few ankle-length sweatpants that are a few years old. Nothing meant for running (save my shoes), and certainly nothing that makes me feel good after getting all sweaty.

    dorkavecunespork at gmail dot com

  74. third attempt to post. i have a great story but guess my phone wont let me type that long. i am running my first race july fourth to honor the troops. running has changed my life. please choose me.

  75. These are adorable and just my size! I need some new gear that will allow my athletic thighs to breathe!