Hello, Beautiful: A Svelte Protein Drink Review

svelte-protein-drinkI’m a sucker for anything with a positive message. So when you open your fridge and a protein drink with the words “hello beautiful,” is staring back at you—AND there’s chocolate involved—I pretty much think it’s the best thing ever.

Thankfully these endearingly packaged CalNaturale Svelte all-natural protein shakes have the nutritional goods to back up the cuteness. In four different flavor varieties, each is truly creamy and filling (well, as filling as a drink can be—I’d always rather chew my food, for the record). With 16 grams of organic soy protein (made from non-GMO soybeans) and just 9 grams of sugar per bottle, these drinks are also dairy- and gluten-free. All of the Svelte protein drinks also include 8 grams of inulin fiber, a pre-biotic that helps aid in digestion and in the absorption of calcium and magnesium, along with promoting the growth of probiotics.

Now let’s get to the really important review component: taste! These really are delish and not overly sweet or fake-tasting, like so many protein drinks can be. The French Vanilla may have been my least favorite flavor of the bunch and had the most Stevia aftertaste, but the Spiced Chai? Such a nice change of pace with its spice! Chocolate was really milk-shakey tasting, too, and Cappuccino was my favorite with just the right mix of coffee and sweetness.

I do wish they were a little lower in the calorie department with a calorie count of 260 per bottle, but the taste was rich enough to justify it. I enjoyed these best before my early a.m. workouts when my belly hadn’t woken up yet and right after a workout when I knew I needed to refuel but just wasn’t hungry. They also work well as dessert—split it with a bud for a tasty protein-rich treat! —Jenn


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  1. Richie says:

    Hey, the calories, fiber and Protein amounts in this Article is incorrect, for the Chocolate the calories are only 180, Protien 11, and fiber 5 grams, I didn’t want anyone to not try this product because of the high calories that may have been incorrect, I am diabetic and my blood sugar dropped at Walmart, I grabbed one of these and was good to go after a short while, I love the taste.

  2. It was one of the best protein drink.It works well for me .