It’s a Carb-Lovin’ Health-full Bread Party (& Giveaway!)

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As part of our fun collaboration with Arnold Bread to create the Ultimate Sandwich (vote for our Open-Faced Fruit and Egg Brunch-wich here!), over the past weekend I got to host a casual little sandwich-making carb-lovin’ shindig. I got 10 of my best gal pals (and FBG readers, of course) together, rented out a local yoga studio, bought pretty much all of the Arnold Health-full bread I could find at my grocery store, picked up sandwich toppings galore and more at Trader Joe’s, whipped up a batch of sangria (’cause that’s how I roll), and we went to carb-eatin’ town.

Carb up!

The idea was that we’d gather, listen to some good tunes, and from a variety of sandwich-topping options (meats, cheeses, veggies, hummus, spreads—the culinary creative options abound!) create our ultimate sandwich on the Arnold Health-full bread. Now this is a sandwich:

Laura’s veggie-rific sandwich.

For the last couple of years, I’ve pretty much been eating only Orowheat Thins, which are awesome. But, when you want a real, big filling sandwich, those little Thins don’t do it (or you need two of them, which seems to defeat the purpose). So I’d long been looking to find a normal-sized slice of bread that I could feel good about eating (and that doesn’t seem diet-y at all). And, dudettes, Arnold Health-full is it. Just 80 calories a slice with 5 grams of fiber and 4 grams of fiber, they are awesome. You’d never know they were anything  other than normal bread. So, I was psyched to share my Health-full bread love with the group. Turns out, they loved it as much as I do.

The group, noshing and chatting away.

While we were all noshing on our sammies sitting Kumbaya-style, we talked about all kinds of stuff. What types of workouts we like to do, what kinds of foods we like to eat, how we find time to exercise—and also our fitness truths. Still inspired by the series of posts that we did a few weeks ago on our own Fitness Truths that sparked other bloggers around the web to post their truths, I had everyone grab an index card and write down their own Fitness Truth or two. Then, we read them aloud to the group.

Sheryl sharing her fitness truth.

The experience was awesome. With a diverse range of interests at the party, everyone had something to share and contribute. (Must have been all the good fuel from the bread!) I wanted to share just a few of those truths:

  •  “The scale doesn’t tell the whole story.” —Kelly
  • “I hate every minute of [exercise]. That’s why I do it. Gets my emotions out. Okay, I love it!” —Margie
  • “I don’t care how much I weigh. I care how well my clothes fit. It’s a glorious day to tighten a belt just one notch!” —Rebecca
  • “Pain is just weakness leaving your body.” —Laura
  • “I’m not as fit as you/I want to be, but I’m here, and I’m working towards my goals. This day is helping me reach my goals.” —Claire
  • “Age is irrelevant. On my 40th birthday, I was asked how I felt about 40. I smiled and said, ‘I love 40. That’s how many pull-ups I can do without stopping.'” —Sheryl (You might remember her from this!)
  • “Working out is my stress relief. Even when I don’t want to go to the gym, I always feel better when I leave.” —Jodi
  • “When you tell people you ran a half marathon, there is no obligation to tell them how many walk breaks you took. It is an accomplishment to sign up, train, and complete it, and you deserve for people to be impressed when you tell them.” —Jessica
  • “The best part of my job is proving to full-grown men that this ‘short little thing’ can move them from a wheelchair to their bed by myself. Never underestimate a woman in healthcare.” —Tessa

Inspired? I was! And, on a personal note, just a quick shout-out to my set-up and take-down crew (re: buds) at the party. Thank you for helping!

Theresa (owner of the studio), Rebecca, Jessica, me and McKenzie pre-party.

Want to throw your own carb-lovin’ Arnold Bread party (it can even be for one!)? Leave a comment below with why, and we’ll pick 10 random comments to win a coupon for a free loaf in about a week! U.S. residents only, pretty please. G’luck, bread-lovers! —Jenn

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