What’s in Kristen’s Fridge?

jennsfridgeOh man, you guys. I might have no problem talking about how long bike rides hurt certain lady parts or how running long distances can have me running for the bathroom, but sharing what’s in my fridge? Boy, that feels private. Is that crazy?

But, I’m not one to ease in, so let’s get this party started—here’s what’s in my fridge.

On the top row, we’ve got a tub-o-condiments. This is where we generally have at least three types of salsa (always including Newman’s Own Black Bean and Corn—can’t live without it!) and a couple of jams—the tub keeps some of the smaller items from getting hidden in the back. Then, keeping with the “same thing, multiple flavors” theme, there are a couple flavors of hummus and two or three coffee creamers—a skinny White Chocolate Mocha, “natural” Coffee-mate Vanilla, and full-calorie, full-fat Pumpkin Spice. It’s worth it.

You can’t really see into the cheese drawer, but let me tell you, it’s packed. I’ve got lots of low-fat string cheese, a big bag of 2% shredded Mexican cheese, 2% sharp cheddar slices, a tub of goat cheese and a tub of feta. And maybe a block of queso blanco, to be safe.

Second shelf is my go-to, with lots of easy-to-grab, easy-to-eat Greek yogurt (to which I often add fortified cereal to boost my iron levels), eggs and low-fat chocolate milk. So much low-fat chocolate milk. There are also a couple of cartons of Silk soymilk (regular—no sweetened soymilk for me, thanks). And, because clearly I can’t get enough dairy, there’s also a big tub of cottage cheese in there. Thank goodness I’m not lactose intolerant.

Bottom shelf is kind of a catch all. Leftovers in Tupperware (beans, chopped up peppers and onions, taco meat and soy crumbles), condiments, lunch meat (for my husband), applesauce, butter, avocado halves, tortillas … you get the idea.

I didn’t take a picture of what’s in the crispers, but they’re always packed with the same basic things—spinach, romaine lettuce, broccoli, carrots (baby and shredded because I am lazy), tomatoes, onions, grapes and, when in season, snap peas. Mmmm.

We kind of hoard condiments, so we have, like, three kinds of sauces for stir-fry (ranging from spicy peanut sauce to really spicy peanut sauce), lots of those squeezy herb tubes, your standard salad dressings (you know, ranch, blue cheese, Italian, mango poppyseed), Hershey’s chocolate sauce and caramel, which, jeez, I don’t even know how old that is.

Oh, and wine. There’s a big ol’ bottle of wine on the bottom shelf of the door. Always.

My freezer is, well, it’s not very exciting. (Wait, where are you going? Weren’t you enthralled by my wide variety of sauces and yogurts?) Aside from a few frozen chicken breasts for my husband and some frozen fish, mostly, there are a bunch of frozen veggies (I love edamame—if you think there’s such a thing as too much edamame, we probably won’t get along), some vegetarian patties and crumbles, a couple of frozen dinners, and, although it’s not there now, there’s generally a pizza in there. Don’t judge—I love pizza and nobody good delivers to my house, so I’ve gotten pretty familiar with DiGiorno.

In the interest of full disclosure, I should probably mention that we keep a small fridge in the garage for pop (Coke Zero, baby) and beer. And it’s generally quite full.

Does this look like a refrigerator you’d like to raid? Or do you think I need to hit the grocery store? —Kristen

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  1. I’d absolutely raid that fridge for the black bean and corn salsa alone!! I thought I was the only one:). I’m also with you on the condiments (12+ mustards in my fridge), but I’m a Siggi’s girl instead of Chobani. The short (and readable) ingredients list always makes me happy!