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Ritual Cleanse Review: We Juice It Up (Our Way)


Untitledginger pear juiceSay the words “detox” or “cleanse” and my internal crash-diet radar goes off. Big time. Always a fan of consistent clean eating rather than a three-day or two-week or longer bout of extreme eating (remember that phrase we always repeat: All good things in moderation?), the idea of a detox of any kind makes me suspicious. (And, I’ll be honest here, it kind of makes my colon hurt because I always associate cleanses with those weird procedures celebs have done. Ick.)

Now that that’s off my chest, you’re probably wondering why we’d ever consider reviewing a cleanse product of any kind. Well, two reasons. First, I’ve been intrigued with the concept of juicing ever since seeing this documentary. Second, these products are getting popular, and we’d be dumb not to address them. And ya’ll know how we like to share our opinions on stuff. So, when Ritual Cleanse reached out asking if we’d like to do a cleanse, we said no. But did we want to try some of their juices that are for daily health and for boosting overall nutrition? Well, yes, matter of fact we would like to juice it up!

So Ritual Cleanse sent a whole pack of 100 percent certified organic fresh pressed juices in the mail to FBG HQ. I first got to sipping on the company’s seasonal Pear Ginger juice that’s high in vitamin C, E and B2. This combo is said to help your body increase its production of B-cells, which kill bacteria and increase the production of antibodies. The ginger in the drink helps inhibit bacteria growth and acts as an anti-inflammatory, making this drink good for keeping up your immunity during cold and flu season. I haven’t gotten sick so far this winter (woohoo!), so it might do all of those things, but I was definitely impressed with its freshness. This is no OJ out of the carton, folks. Very ginger-y and pear-y, this juice is as fresh-tasting as you can get. It’s not overly sweet, as there’s nothing in it but pear and ginger. It was really unlike anything I’ve ever had. While not bad-tasting by any means, it was definitely “healthy” tasting.

I also tried the company’s Sweet Green, Carrot Ginger, Pineapple Mint and Almond Mylk, and all of them were just as fresh tasting. In fact, these are so freshyou pretty much have to drink them right away. Sweet Green was a great way to drink your greens (kale, cucumber, spinach, romaine, green apple and celery), Carrot Ginger was like drinking ginger slices mixed with the best carrot you’ve ever tasted, and Pineapple Mint was a refreshing drink that I’m pretty sure would taste good with rum (and completely defeat the purpose of juicing). The Almond Mylk was by far the most unique. Almost chewy with actual pieces of almonds in it, the “Mylk” is made from just alkaline water, raw almonds, cinnamon and agave. Unlike the other juices, this one was super filling and kind of spicy with the cinnamon (although there are no calorie counts found on the bottles or on the website, I’d imagine that Almond Mylk has the most calories by far, too). Reminded me of the holidays, just super-duper healthy.

So, yeah, while I don’t plan on doing any kind of cleanse or detox any time soon, I liked the Ritual Cleanse juices. They’re definitely only for those who have a palate for super-healthy foods (read: someone who’s not picky and likes fruits and veggies of ALL kinds, even the bitter ones), but they do make you feel good after drinking them. And it’s one easy way to get a crapton of produce in your diet. Definitely not cheap ($80 for six juices, each about 12 ounces), it’s something many of us can’t afford, but it does make me want to try juicing at home for myself…

Have you ever done a detox or cleanse? Do they freak you out, too? Do you juice it up? Tell us all about it: the good, the bad and the ugly! —Jenn


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