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What’s in Tish’s Gym Bag?

As we’ve mentioned, each Friday one of the FBGs will be answering a Question of the Week (QOTW). This week’s question? What’s in Your Gym Bag! So I’ve gutted my bag just for y’all! Be sure to check out Erin’s bag and Jenn’s bag, too.


If you were to judge me based off of the contents of my gym bag alone, you’d think me a very boring chick. You’ll find no makeup or the bottles of product I usually obsess over. I’m the get-in, get-out gal. I try not to shower at the gym if I can help it. I like to sit in my awesomeness until I get home. (Actually I’m just too lazy to shower in a public shower…it takes flip-flops and extra packing. I need my workout routine to be as easy as possible so that I never have excuses.)

If my bag were to take you out on a date, it would pull up to the curb with an awesome-sauce water bottle sticking out of its side. I’m persnickety about my water bottles. They have to be squirt-able. When I’m gasping for air, I need something that will pump life sustenance to me with the quickness. I have no time for that sip-it-like-it’s-a-straw crap. Did I mention I’m lazy? I’m currently obsessed with my Brita filtered water bottle. It’s BPA free and filters your water. My gym’s water is nastified, so it’s good to know I’m not sucking down any wonky stuff.

gym bag contents

Once opened, you’ll find a lovely array of clothes and one pair of shoes. I never know how I’m going to feel the day I work out, so I usually throw in a pair of pants, cropped shorts, a tank top and then a long-sleeved shirt or jacket that I can throw on once I get outside. LA weather is kind of schizophrenic, so I have to be prepared for it all. Socks and a good sports bra are always in the mix, too.

gym bag contents

I have a bottle of Lather lotion that I love. It doesn’t have an overpowering scent, which totally rocks. (For some reason, when I sweat the perfume-y scents on me tend to grow stronger and make me want to throw up in my mouth a little bit. Ew.) I keep a GU Energy Gel in my bag, too, in case I get psycho enough to run for more than hour. It hasn’t happened in many moons, but I’m a safety girl.

Like my weather-appropriate-apparel planning, I also come prepared for workout emergencies. I have two workouts I can do if my Total Body Abs class is cancelled, the Gym Coach, a Nike+ SportBand, a lock to protect my weirdness and—most important—a ponytail for my big, thick fro. I have no idea how Troy Polamalu does it, actually. I must contain and remove the curl from my face at all costs.

gym bag contents

So apparently Erin isn’t the only minimalist in the group. You’d never find something randomly delicious like a man’s jock strap or diamond-infused facial scrub in my bag. I’m just a simple girl with a simple  gym-bag-packing mentality.

Are you a pack rat, minimalist or—even better—someone who packs randomly delicious things that you’re willing to tell us about? —Tish

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  1. I’m a minimalist in the gym bag department too – right down to my New Balance Minimus shoes! Usually it’s just the bare essentials – shoes, socks, shorts, tank, sports bra, ponytail holder, water bottle, headphones and my phone (for Pandora).

  2. FBG Tish says:

    You’re my kind of packer!

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