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What’s in Jenn’s Gym Bag?



I’m lucky enough that most of the time I can shower at home after workouts. I either work out at the Fit Pit early in the morning before work and come home to shower, squeeze in some exercise at home with a workout DVD or take a quick run around the neighborhood and shower in the comforts of my own home. So my need for a traditional gym bag isn’t that great. That being said, I still have one packed for days when I need to hit the gym and shower. (I’m one of those crazy people that pretty much bought double of all of my toiletries just so that I won’t have to pack and unpack them when I travel, so this is just happily waiting around for me to use.) So, let’s take a peek, shall we?

If you’re a long-time FBG reader, you may remember this Puma gym bag from back in 2009. I seriously find it to be big enough but not too big, and super cute. I heart the outside purple color and loud red inside. (Classy on the outside; party on the inside!)

gym bag

Now, you’re probably thinking that I don’t have that much in my gym bag. But, you’d be wrong. I cram it in. Big time. (Note: Dog does not fit in gym bag. She just likes posing in photos. Or the smell of dirty running shoes. Or a combination of the two.)

gym bag

See? We’ve got flip-flops there (bare feet must NEVER touch the locker room floor, ew), my Nike FREE XT Quick Fit+ shoes (they’re good for running and gym workouts, so I leave them in my bag for the perfect all-around shoe), my iPod shuffle with ear buds that don’t drive me nutters, a shower scrubby thingie, an insulated water bottle (which Tish and I got at this Luna event) and two other bags of goodies that we can dive farther into…

gym bag

The little green one is my catch-all for small items like bobby pins, jewelry and hair ties (a girl can never have too many). I don’t care how many awesome zippers or pouches a bag has, for me, a small pouch like this keeps me from freaking out when I can’t find that favorite pair of earrings post workout (irrationally, I believe the bag’s lining has torn and said earrings are roaming about the gym, lonely and sad). I always know exactly where they are. Then, in a larger bag, I have my big guns.


With not one but two hair products (TRESemmé for serious gym hair and No Frizz Restyling spray for a refresher), this bag also contains a hairbrush, toothbrush, toothpaste, contact solution and case, Degree deo (for the B.O.), a travel-sized package of Imodium (no explanation needed there, right?), and a small container of body wash, face wash and shampoo. I don’t have any makeup in my gym bag, as I usually carry face powder, mascara and lip gloss in my purse—and I rarely wear more makeup than that, especially after the gym. (I just get too darn sweaty.) For the record, I also usually carry a lock and my gym membership card in the front pocket of my gym bag, but totally forgot to take them out for photographic proof!

So yeah, nothing too weird or extravagant. At least I don’t think so. I showed you mine; now show me yours! Tell me: What’s the most unique thing in your gym bag? —Jenn

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  1. Kelly says:

    I can’t find my gym bag online, but I got it at Target about a year ago. Hands-down the thing I love the most about it is that it has a ventilated shoe pocket. It zips open on the side and expands into the bag itself – important because if I *don’t* have shoes in there, the pocket lays flat and I can still use that room inside my bag for other things. But when I *do* have shoes, or even just sweaty clothes, it gives me a place to keep those things separate from all the nice clean things inside, while the mesh section lets it ventilate so nothing gets mildewy. It’s the perfect weekend bag for the same reason, I just put my dirty clothes in there!

  2. Oh boy where to start! The Valslide, for one, super unique and transportable. My gymboss timer. My Lavanilla body wash and deodorant. Coconut oil, I use it instead of body lotion – so moisturizing! Sometimes I bring Amy & Brian coconut juice (with pulp) for extra hydration. If I’m headed to yoga, I attach my yoga mat and bring my Yogitoes. And always have water, either Fiji or I fill up my Lifefactory glass water bottle.

  3. Sarah says:

    It has a big compartment to carry all the essentials. it best fits in your budget. Good quality of straps to carry the bag.

  4. Robert says:

    Very Helpful and Informative post.

  5. Kathirin G says:

    Nice bags. In the shoe pocket you can fit 3 pairs of shoes or 2 pairs of shoes and a towel. I also utilize both front outer pockets and the side outer pocket. There is also 2 pockets inside that are mesh, 1 holds my mouth wash and 1 is not used. There is yet another small pocket inside that zips that i rarely use but may in the future. It’s good for keys etc.

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