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Men and Pilates: 3 Moves to Make Any Fit Bottomed Dude’s Core Stronger

Why are you reading about dude-related stuff? Because it’s Fit Bottomed Dudes’ Week, that’s why! Click here for all the special posts, and please share with the guys in your life! This post on men and Pilates is written by Sean Vigue, a yoga and Pilates instructor living in Celebration, Fla. Vigue is the owner of Sean Vigue Fitness,  in addition to a full line of dynamic workout DVDs, downloads and YouTube videos. His Pilates for Men DVD was recently named “Best Workout DVD for the Guys of 2011” by Pilates Style Magazine.


Since beginning my fitness classes, I’ve noticed that the majority of my clients were women. However, men are equally in need of the intense core-building, strengthening and toning Pilates offers. Think Pilates is just for women? Wrong—invented by a man, Pilates has been a training method for elite athletes and couch potatoes alike since its inception.

While most men’s workouts emphasize a part-by-part approach to muscle building (e.g., weightlifting), Pilates emphasizes moving from the center of the body outward, by developing core strength in the powerhouse of the body.

So, you or the man in your life won’t be caught dead in a Pilates class? What’s a shy guy or a Fit Bottomed girlfriend to do? One of the best things about Pilates is you can do it anywhere, on your own time. Whether you pop in a DVD, search on YouTube or even do a few poses on your own, all you need is a mat and a few minutes a day to build that beautiful, lean, flexible and powerful body!

Pilates turns average guys into champions of any sport, activity or exercise. It gets better—you can see and feel results after only a few sessions. How’s that for immediate gratification? So, grab your mat (and your guy if you’re a girl) and practice these three basic Pilates moves that are guaranteed to whip any Fit Bottomed Dude into shape!

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