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5 Tips for Sex While Pregnant

preg-sex-585When I got pregnant the first time, I remember being afraid that any little move would dislodge my growing fetus. Exercise? I moved gingerly during certain moves. Sex? I’m pretty sure we held off for a few weeks just in case. If you’re newly pregnant and in the same concerned boat, have no fear. These tips from Dr. Bat Sheva Marcus, LMSW, MPH, PhD and Clinical Director of the Medical Center for Female Sexuality in New York, will have you enjoying yourselves in no time, pregnant belly and all.

“For the majority of women, sex right up until their due date is perfectly safe—though it may become uncomfortable as the months pass,” says Dr. Bat Sheva Marcus. For the most part, sex during pregnancy really shouldn’t be all that different from sex at other times. Sex is safe, fun and a great way to celebrate this special time in your life with your partner.

5 Tips for Sex While Pregnant

1. Doctor’s orders. If your doctor gives you specific instructions, it’s important to follow them. For some women (few and far between) it is not okay to have vaginal intercourse or orgasms, and your doctor will make those special instructions perfectly clear.

2. Premature…labor. If you are prone to early labor, your doctor may give you special instruction in the last month or so of the pregnancy and tell you to avoid specific activities such as nipple stimulation or orgasm that may lead to vaginal contractions.

3. Comfort is key. Make sure you are physically comfortable! Sometimes pregnancy can feel like the “invasion of the body snatchers.” You may not know on any given day what part of your body (and hence what position) may feel squeezed, tight or just plain hurt. Pay attention. If it’s not comfortable to be on your back today, have sex in another position. It can be a good time to experiment.

4. Pillow pals. Pillows can be a good friend when you’re pregnant. You can use them under your backside or lean on them sideways in order to make your body feel “more even” when you’re having sex.

5. Here today, gone tomorrow. Women’s libidos go up and down during pregnancy. Don’t panic if you’re not in the mood today, but pay attention and don’t assume you won’t be in the mood tomorrow.

Any tips from you mamas about sex while pregnant? Comfort tips are always appreciated! —Erin

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  1. Jessica says:

    I found that my sex drive was actually higher during pregnancy, at least after that initial exhaustion of the first trimester. And now I’m so thankful that we took advantage of that, since now that we have the little one, it’s so much harder to get in the mood, find time, or stay awake!

  2. Mamaofbabes says:

    Ergh I can’t stand the idea of sex when pregnant. My poor husband! I’m pregnant with our fourth and hate him touching me sexually, to the point of retching :/ On the odd occasion I find some semblence of ‘the mood’ it ends up hurting quite alot, followed by major cramping and nausea for hours afterwards. Weirdly enough post-baby I can’t get enough and we don’t have a problem finding time or energy – total opposite to most of my friends who can’t stand sex after baby arrives lol I think I’d rather be turned off for this set amount of time knowing it has an end date than the other way around TBH….

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