Erin’s Best Fitness Memories

erin mud run

My fun mud run.

What’s your best fitness memory? That’s the Question of the Week that each FBG is asking herself! Inspiration for this post comes from the super cool Brooks Running Run Happy campaign!

Because Jenn is a total cheater and picked three fitness memories, I couldn’t not be a cheater too. So without any more cheating talk or double negatives, here are a few fitness moments that warm my heart.

Erin’s Best Fitness Memories

1. Dog Days. Some of my favorite fitness memories are working out in miserable 100-degree weather during humid Kansas summers. Sounds miserable, right? Red Dog’s Dog Days in Lawrence, Kan., consists of hundreds of people doing calisthenics, laps around the KU football track, running stairs and running the cursed hills on campus. I loved it for two reasons: a) It was freaking hard and hot and I did it and was in great shape, and b) I would sit on the field and watch for my future hubby to walk in for the workout. My workouts were never as enthusiastic when he wasn’t there! Oh, how I pined.

2. Learning to ski. And really, any time spent skiing on the mountain. My husband was an avid skier when we met, so I really wanted to love skiing so I wouldn’t just have to sit and drink hot toddies while he got his ski on. Luckily, I loved skiing. I wisely took lessons my first time on a mountain and after pizza-and-frying it for a couple of days, I’ve been a legit skier since. Sure, I’m not the best ever, but I’m comfortable on the blues and love it. The peacefulness, the snow, the beauty of the mountains. The fact that you’re on your own with your skis, your abilities and a need to get down a freaking mountain safely. Not to mention the tired, cold muscles afterwards. And the hot toddies and best showers in the history of best showers that come after a day on the mountain.

3. My mud run. I’d never done anything like my mud run before, so it was just me, mud and obstacles. I felt pretty good as I shot to the front of my pack…and started feeling really good as I kept passing people…people who were begging their friends and significant others to “just go ahead without me!” I kept thinking, “But I feel good! How do I still feel good?!” I didn’t break any records, but I was relieved that I didn’t aggravate my knee injury that I was working through, I finished, and I made my daughter proud.

Then there are the honorable mention moments like watching my brother fly by during the NYC marathon. And when I finally stuck crow pose after thinking it impossible. Or when I went for a run with my hubby and for the first time ever was faster than him. Or when my college roomie and I would do walking workouts. Or being named All-American cheerleader in high school during cheer camp; yeah, it’s no marathon, but I toe-touched my ass off for that title. Or the hours my brothers and I would spend swimming in the summers. Or the times I take my kiddos to the pool. Or hikes with family. Or Jenn introducing me to Zumba and pushing me to do my first race ever. Seriously, who knew fitness was such a memory-maker? I’ll stop now; I’ve broken enough rules for the day!

Do you have gobs and gobs of awesome fitness memories? Manage to impress a future spouse at your sweatiest? —Erin

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  1. Allie says:

    Love it!! I have TONS of great fitness memories the best of which was probably running down Boylston Street to the finish of the Boston Marathon in 2007. It was such a huge goal for me and even though I wasn’t having a great race (I hit the wall HARD!), I made a conscience effort to remember the crowds at the finish. It gives me chills to recall it – it was a GREAT day!!…and I also met my super sexy husband at a gym where I was teaching fitness classes. Being healthy can pay off it all kinds of ways…:-)

  2. The mud run looks like it was so much fun! Way to go, thanks for sharing!

  3. Nancy says:

    I also have learned to ski because of my husband. Maybe “learned” is a big word here 🙂
    Best fitness memory was approximately 15 years ago when he took me hiking for the first time, and then I was so out of shape that I couldn’t walk for an hour normally. And that one time I had to do some serious 2 hour hike up the mountain, like 2.000 ft elongation. Took me 3,5 hrs to get there.
    But the experience was so overwhelming, that then I decided I will never stop. And I didn’t.

  4. Harry says:

    Dog days sounds so much fun, those are the days when you don’t feel like it but then when you’ve finished it is so rewarding. I didn’t know you met your husband there 🙂