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What to Do With Greek Yogurt: 6 Tasty Twists on a Healthy Staple

Nonfat Greek yogurt is awesome. You probably know this by now. With lots of creamy richness and protein without many calories, it’s a go-to snack that has become a staple for fit foodies. But when it comes to eating Greek yogurt, it can be easy to get stuck in the rut of just eating it on its own, or with fruit or granola. So if you’ve been wondering what to do with Greek yogurt, boy, oh boy, do we have some fun—and delicious—options for you!
Wallaby Organic recently sent us some coupons to try its new Organic Greek nonfat yogurts and while the company’s flavored kinds were awesome (we were particularly smitten with the lemon variety), we just kept coming back to the nonfat plain. Authentically strained and organic, it’s high-quality stuff that’s smooth and mild, yet lends an added depth to dishes. And a big ol’ 32-ounce tub of it can lend itself to so, so, so many unique uses. So behold a few of our favorite things to do with Greek yogurt!

What to Do With Greek Yogurt

1. Top your eggs. We are absolutely obsessed with making a lox omelet with a dollop of nonfat Greek yogurt on top. It is AMAZING.
2. Make a strawberries-and-cream smoothie. Greek yogurt in smoothies is already a no-brainer, but have you ever made a more sweet-and-sour smoothie? Mixing nonfat Greek yogurt with some berries, kale and unsweetened coconut milk is dang fantastic—and a fun, not-so-sweet twist on the usual morning drink. Play around with different flavor combinations, too. We’ve found that everything from sweet potato puree to coffee and cocoa powder can make for a super tasty drink.
3. Sub it for whipped cream. Lately, we’ve been big fans of sauteeing apples in ghee, honey and cinnamon and then topping it with a big ol’ dollop of Greek yogurt. Again, it’s the savory-and-sweet combo that is oh-so-amazing. A big spoonful can also be a nice foodie twist on pies, angel food cake and even brownies!
4. Use it as a pizza sauce. Not sure what to do with lots of Greek yogurt? Using it as pizza sauce is a super rad way to make use of that giant tub. Simply mix some Greek yogurt with your favorite herbs, a little salt and pepper and garlic, and then spread over your pizza crust, and top and cook just like you would a pesto or red sauce. Enjoy!

Credit: TheHungryDudes

Credit: TheHungryDudes

5. As the base of a pudding. One of our favorite quick desserts is taking sweet potato or pumpkin puree and mixing it with nonfat Greek yogurt, a little coconut milk, cinnamon, nutmeg (you can also try cocoa or carob powder if you have a hankering for chocolate) and a packet or two of monk fruit to taste. It’s amazingly simple to whip up yet good, and we love how it’s a dessert with more protein than usual.
Credit: roboppy

Credit: roboppy

6. Make fro-yo. We know, we know. We just ran this recipe a few weeks ago, but we had to share it again because it’s so darn good and fun to make! Check it out here.
What do you do with Greek yogurt? Any more unique uses for it in cooking or baking? Share ’em! —Jenn

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