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Workout I Did: Jamba Juice FiTrends Expo, Part One


So, I know I just did a Workout I Did post, but I have to do another one! Because, ladies. I did a whole day of working out with FBG Tish and just have to share—like every single detail! Well, half of the details technically, as FBG Tish will be providing a run-down of the rest of the amazing workouts in her blog post come Wednesday. But enough about the logistics of our recap, let’s get down to fit-trends business!

Similar to this and this event, Jamba Juice flew me out to LA for its FiTrends Expo, where I got to meet up with Tish and have a fabulous day of hanging with other bloggers (what up, Eating Bird Food, Fannetastic Food, Run Eat Repeat, Girls Gone SportyMoms LA, Fitzness—and everyone else we met!), the Jamba Juice peeps, Banana Man (posing with us above)—and other amazing peeps as you’ll see below. This whole day of classes allowed us to try about 15 minutes of a bunch of a different cool new workouts and resulted in much soreness the next day.

But before we got our workout on, Jamba Juice fueled us well. Tish and I chose some fresh carrot juice to drink and some Fruit-i-licious Probiotic Power to nibble on.


Then, one of our fave bloggers was on: Blogilates! She warmed us up and burned the heck out of our legs, arms and core with tons of squats and planks. And more planks with leg lifts!


A little ways into the class, freakin’ VENUS WILLIAMS showed up. Growing up—and still to this day—I so idolized her and her amazing tennis abilities. During my matches in high school, I would always try to channel my inner Venus. (Yeah, we’re on a first-name basis now.) So the fact that I was working out just mere feet from her? Totally, absolutely, amazingly surreal. (See my geeking out face back there?!)


Turns out, Venus owns a few Jamba Juice franchises and because she (obviously) loves being fit and healthy, working with Jamba is a natural fit. We got to later take photos with Venus (squeal!) and ask her some questions, so expect to see video of that in the coming days.

If seeing Venus didn’t get my heart rate up enough (I’m pretty sure that I’m still having a moment), we also did some CrossFit with Charles “Chuck” Stumpf. The quick WOD was AMRAP: 5 burpees, 10 push-ups, 15 squats AMRAP. Which, in non-CrossFit speak means: you did a workout of as many rounds of 5 burpees, 10 push-ups and 15 squats as you can in three minutes, for two times with a minute or two of rest in between. Quick and HARD. And I really wish I had gotten a photo of Chuck’s socks—they were animal print and pink and pretty darn awesome. And let’s give a little love to Banana Man here, shall we? He’s doing burpees…in a banana costume!


We also got to try a class of LaBlast with Jodie Patterson. We’d tried the workout DVD before, but live and in person, this class was some booty-shaking fun! So fun that Venus came back out for it, too!


Clearly, Jodie moved her hips better than I, but that’s okay. It’s all about getting out there and trying your best. Even if your best is much more sexy in your head than it is on camera.


In between sessions, Tish and I fueled up with more Jamba and were particularly smitten with the new Tropical Harvest smoothie that has butternut squash, carrot, sweet potato, peaches and mango in it. Perfection! AND, we had the chance to meet and chat up Tony Horton (um, he’s just as hilarious in person as he is in P90X!). He even showed us this crazy burpee-mountain climber combo that Tish and I were pretty much in awe over.


Also at the event? Brett Hoebel! We felt like such paparazzi with how many photos we snapped. And cool jacket, no?


Then we ended the day with a workout with Venus and her trainer Samantha Monus. With more lunges and plenty of standing core work that really worked the middle as if you were swinging a tennis racquet (!), we were tired by the end of the day of workouts but so darn happy. And I kind of felt like I had, in a way, played tennis with Venus. Childhood dream, fulfilled.


It was kind of the perfect Fit Bottomed Day. Sun, people really excited about being active and eating healthy, smiles, good music and lots of fruits and veggies—perfection! A big thanks to Jamba Juice for the amazing event!

Tell me: If you could meet any athlete or fit celeb, who would it be? And, guys, go try that Tropical Harvest smoothie—it’s delish! —Jenn

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