Tish Answers: You Might Be an FBG If…

For this Question of the Week, we thought it would be fun if we each completed this statement: “You might be an FBG if…” And so we did — each putting our own unique spin on what things (funny and serious) might suggest that we’re an FBG.

I love this list. Not because it sets me apart, but because I’ve been reading the other gals’ lists and FBGs (you the reader included!) are a fun and snazzy group of like-minded souls I love to relate to! That being said, here’s my list that I’m no longer embarrassed to admit. I know I’m not alone in some of these.

You Might Be an FBG If…

1. Your first dream if you win the lottery involves buying an endless supply of your favorite protein powder that’s super-duper expensive. (I’d never worry about $60 tubs again!)

2. Your second dream involves buying every darn lululemon outfit in the store!

3. You crave wheat grass shots more than tequila shots.

4.  You crave green leafy vegetables more than you crave chocolate.

5. You go into hysterics every time “Fat Bottomed Girls” by Queen comes on the radio.

6. You feel like kicking your heels up in the air the minute the sweat starts dripping from your forehead during a workout. Oh yeah, you’re feeling the burn.

7. Your goals for the year include some sort of workout you wish to dominate.

8. You own more running sneakers than pumps.

9. The word, “diet” makes your butt twitch.

10. Your engagement pictures include pictures of you and your fiance holding local produce.

kale, beets, you might be an FBG if

Word is right. Credit: Jason Lee

I gotta know: What fun quirks put you firmly in the FBG club? Get creative with it. It’s fun to wiggle in the wellness! —Tish

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