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A Hump-Day Shift (And Why You Should Accept That Compliment!)

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Embrace the applause! Credit: sskennel, Flickr

You know why I love Wednesdays so much? It’s because it’s the shift in the week. I always start out Mondays with a bit of crabbiness. I just can’t help it. Mondays always win. They always make me scowl, and it takes most of Tuesday to recover from that lack of crabby control. Then beautiful Hump Day comes along and my spirits change. I usually do cray cray weight-training on Mondays and Tuesdays. Wednesdays are my run days. So mentally for me, workouts all just get a bit better by Wednesday. I’m pretty sure lots of folks experience the Wednesday shift. (There’s even a commercial featuring a very happy camel, so I know I’m not wrong for assuming here.)

And because Wednesday is a good day for shifting … a good day for changing up fitness routines and such (plus it’s Fit Bottomed at Any Age Week!), I thought I’d add to the mix and offer up a change in perspective and behavior. This one applies to the lovely souls out there who have trouble accepting a compliment. Don’t worry; I’m not here to razz you. This advice applies for me as well.

The other day I was in the gym and three different trainers approached me throughout my workout to say that I was looking really great and that they noticed remarkable differences in me. The old me would have made up some crazy excuse or tried to deflect the goodness in some way, but that day I knew I needed to accept that ish because it was true! I’ve worked my arse off for muscles. I’ve made significantly better eating choices. I listen to my body. So I accepted those compliments — and I even let them sink in.

Short but difficult steps: Accept the compliment. Believe it. Let it sink in. Now go about your day. Those compliments totally changed my energy. I gave myself a proverbial pat on the back and went about the rest of my day with a bounce in my step. I advise you try it. We’re all out there working on ourselves. We’re trying to get strong, fit, healthy … let’s get our spirits healthy, too! Allow that light to flood in!

Hopefully you’ll never look at you or Hump Day the same again! —Tish

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