5 Steps to Help You Fall in Love With (or at Least Not Loathe) Cooking

Step 3: It’s Called ‘Art’ For A Reason

Credit: Porto Bay Trade, Flickr

Pretty! Credit: Porto Bay Trade, Flickr

Lighten up, you are not being judged on your dish’s aesthetics. At this stage of the game you are more worried about how it tastes.
I recently upped the ante and started making all homemade bread. One loaf of my whole grain bread had to literally be chiseled out of the pan. It looked like a disaster, but it tasted great.
You shouldn’t expect your forays in the kitchen to win the Blue Ribbon at the County Fair; they just have to be good enough to eat.
Michelangelo did not just pick up a chisel and go at a hunk of marble to create his world famous statue of David. He sketched a gazillion of them, made a bunch of models out of wax and plaster and then eventually moved on to marble.
Great chefs are not born, they work at it; finesse will come later.

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  1. I love this! So many people think they have to cook just like others, when it’s all about finding what works for you and what you love. Sharing now!