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Going for the Food Color Underdog!

When most people think of Eating the Rainbow or eating by color, they think of the bright, vibrant hues. Susan shared her love of green; Karen declared that red was the best and sexiest color around; and Kristen was simply smitten with orange. (See all their posts for Eat the Rainbow Week here.) But, guys, I think you forgot one …
White foods!
Yes, white is a color, and it’s a deliciously healthy one at that. Years ago the color “white” (and brown) got a bad rap by many diet books because it was the color of grains, sugar and processed foods. (Although, you know how we feel about those … ) But, what about the clean, natural and whole white foods? The ones that come from Mother Nature? It’s those white foods that I think are the total underdog of the whole superfoods category.
No white foods coming to mind? No worries, I put together a cheat-sheet of 10 white foods that are simply awesome — and a quick fact or two on why each one rocks.

10 White Foods to Nosh On

  1. Cauliflower. An excellent source of folate, vitamin C and vitamin K.
  2. Garlic. Has strong anti-inflammatory properties.
  3. Potatoes. High in vitamin C.
  4. Coconut. Includes medium-chain fatty acids that may help with fat loss and boost your immunity.
  5. Mushrooms. Boost both selenium and vitamin D.
  6. Cabbage. Hello, fiber! Especially great when fermented as sauerkraut — hello, good bacteria!
  7. Onions. Have lots of chromium in ’em.
  8. Turnips. Rich in calcium, magnesium and potassium. Great in puns.
  9. White beans. Detoxifying and rank low on the glycemic index.
  10. Parsnips. Contain a high concentration of folate.

 What’s your favorite healthy white food? And anyone else have this song stuck in their head now? —Jenn

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