A Sane Guide to Healthy Eating

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We’re a pretty happy-go-lucky bunch here at Fit Bottomed Eats, and I credit a good part of that “rainbow and butterflies” attitude to what we eat, which is everything! We never deprive ourselves, we don’t believe in food taboos and we definitely don’t diet — ever. It’s a great thing to go through life without counting calories, battling food cravings and passing on dessert.
We celebrate all foods in moderation. Chocolate, wine, French fries (can I get an amen!); we promise not to take away any of your favorites. So, if you are ready to jump on the FBE bandwagon and change your eating habits once and for all, then by all means, read on with our guide!
1. Embrace snacks. If you’re a three-squares-a-day type, start by making snack-time a part of your life. Consuming a small meal or snack not only helps manage hunger but also keeps bingeing at bay. Grab a handful of almonds or smear a banana with chocolaty hazelnut spread when hunger calls. Munching between meals boosts your energy and (bonus!) keeps your metabolism humming.
2. Get balanced. The secret to sustaining a healthy diet is balance and the best way to maintain this equilibrium is with simple geometry. Divide your plate in half and fill one side with fruits and veggies; split the other half into quarters for protein and starchy carbs. Select lean proteins and whole grain carbs for the best nutrition.
If you can’t tell a protein from a carbohydrate, get educated. Use this list to get started.
3. Add foods in. Instead of eradicating foods from your diet, add them in. Have you given quinoa a try? What about the pomegranate? How many of the more than 100 types of lettuce have you sampled? Today’s wide variety of food choices makes healthy eating a cinch.
4. Mix it up. Don’t mindlessly choose the same fare everyday. Interesting foods help to keep us satisfied. Titillate your palate with various fruits, vegetables and grains to receive the whole gamut of nutrients. Commit to try one new food or recipe a week. This Creole-inspired fish dinner will make a believer out of any seafood hater.
5. Cook! Now that I’ve got you in the kitchen — up your game. Home cooking is the only surefire way to know what is going in your food. For folks who find KP duty dreadful, one-dish meals that incorporate protein, carbs and veggies together can’t be beat.
6. Educate yourself. Make an effort to learn about the food you are eating. Do you know what artificial trans fats and processed foods high in omega-6 fatty acids do to your body? Chemically engineered “food products” are not the same as real food; your body knows the difference and so should you.
7. Forget the hype. Most importantly, forget the trends. Listen to your own bodies’ signals and figure out what makes you feel your best. Once you give yourself permission to eat anything, you’ll naturally be drawn to what makes you feel good. It may sound like a free-for-all, but it’s not.
Psychologists call it intuitive eating and it works. It might be a little overwhelming at first, but eventually it will be second nature and something you will never unlearn, like riding a bike.
There are no hard and fast rules on the anti-diet — just a lot of wiggle room. You won’t go “on” the anti-diet and then go “off”. It will be a way of life and the single most important skill set you will ever own.
Are you ready for the anti-diet? —Karen

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