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How to Start Running (Today!)

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Did you get swept up in the New Year’s spirit and decide that this will be the year that you become a runner? That. Is. AWESOME. In fact, you are awesome. And to help you put this (awesome) plan into action, we’ve compiled a few tips and resources just for beginner runners like you.

Your How to Start Running Guide

Want to run your first 5k, 10k or marathon? We’ve got step by step instructions for how to get there here, here and here. An app like Couch to 5k is also an awesome start — I’ve seen lots of people have great success with it!

Did you hit your first goal quickly but aren’t sure what kind of race you want to run now? These eight questions will ease your mind, as will this experienced runner’s tips.

Don’t get injured! It can be really exciting to watch your miles build up as your strength increases, but make sure to practice good safety and injury prevention techniques. I love yoga for cross training, but strength training, swimming, Pilates and other workouts can be beneficial, too.

Get the right gear. We’ve got really solid tips on how to find the right running shoes for you (and no, sadly, bright colors and the right price aren’t at the top of the list), and you’ll probably want to check out our whole running shoe series. Oh, and, of course there’s more to running than just shoes

Know that you’re not alone. Everyone was a beginner at one point or another. And those who are no longer beginners? Have pretty incredible advice.

Find a friend to run with you. You might not be the same speed, and that’s okay — just be honest about your abilities and goals before you leave, and make a point to enjoy each other’s company. Or, you know, leash up your pooch!

Change up your route. If you’re always running the same couple of miles, it can get stale … fast. Jog through a new neighborhood, or, even better, grab a pal and check out a trail. You can turn it into a set workout or just enjoy the scenery.

Set yourself up for success. Hopefully, you’ve already set a manageable (but challenging!) goal. Now, do what you can to reach it. That might mean keeping track of your runs on your own or hiring someone to give you a hand.

Crank up the tunes. ‘Nuff said.

Try some new workouts. You can go outside or stay indoors, but make sure you mix it up!

Feeling better about your new hobby yet? I have to say, reading some of these has me reaching for my running shoes right now! Kristen

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