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New Year’s Resolutions and a Daily Fit Bottomed Challenge

I didn’t make a very specific New Year’s Resolution this year. Something about that third baby has caused my brain to go a bit missing — and a toddler who has been throwing overnight tantrums isn’t really helping that out. But I do have some vague resolutions. I know, goals should be specific, but sometimes after a bit of a fitness break you just have to dive back in and figure the specifics out later.

One of those goals is to get back to the gym. After putting my membership on hold because of late pregnancy discomfort and childbirth recovery, I now have a 4-month-old who can go to the gym’s childcare center. So we went the other day to reactivate my membership, and on New Year’s Day, with an infant reservation for 9 a.m., we hit the gym with all three kids, ready to work out. No one was out and about and we laughed that in another life, we would have been sleeping in, too. The gym’s parking lot was practically empty, too — prime parking spot, indeed. But when we got to the childcare center, it was dark. It wasn’t open for another HOUR. I was determined not to let our trip go to waste, so I let my hubby go work out while the kids and I hit the gymnasium and threw basketballs, shot hoops, played chase and “run on the painted lines.” I also fit in some squats and push-ups, and was definitely sweating by the time we were all done for the day. So I got to the gym — and made the most of a less-than-ideal situation.

I’ve also got the vague goal to “lose the baby weight” in the new year. Four months postpartum and I feel like I’ve only lost the baby weight — literally the 6 pounds, 4 ounces of baby plus a little bit of water weight. I’m sure goal number one will help me in my journey to fit back into my old pants. More than the number though, is how I feel, and I’m not feeling energetic or strong. I’m determined to change that this month.

One thing that’ll certainly help? The Fit Bottomed Challenge we’re doing over on Fit Bottomed Girls. Each month will bring you a new set of to-dos for each day that will help you be fitter, healthier and happier. I’m looking forward to challenging myself, and I hope you join in, too! Get more information on the challenge here, and be sure to head over to check out all of our New Year New Rear content and giveaways to help you stay on track in 2015!


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What are your resolutions for the year? In addition to the above, I would like to start reading for pleasure a bit more. I’m going to aim low: four books by the year’s end! —Erin

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