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My Mindful March Streak: How Many Days in a Row Can I Meditate?

You know we’re a little hippity dippity, and I especially love my meditation, so it’s probably a surprise to no one that for my Mindful March streak for this month’s Fit Bottomed Challenge (get all the deets on how you can join in the fun here!) I’ve chosen meditation!


And I particularly love the whole concept of a “streak.” I mean, it’s one thing to set goals and plan to do something most days of the week, but when you’re keeping a tally of exactly how many days in a row you can do something without stopping, well, I don’t know about you, but it makes me want to keep going … and going … and going. And since I’m still recovering from having this little one and adjusting to life with her, I’m not quite ready to jump into the gym just yet. So something calm and peaceful like meditation, which makes me more connected to the everyday moments? Well that just seems perfect.

And I’m starting out small. Usually I’d want my meditation session to last for a minimum of 10 minutes (and ideally more like 15 or 20 minutes), but for this streak, even if I just do literally two minutes, it counts. It’s not about how long; it’s about doing it. And creating a streak that leads to a habit. Just how many days can I go in a row without missing a meditation session? So far I’m in for nine days … and counting!

Who else has chosen meditation for her Mindful March streak, too? In the next few weeks, you’ll get to hear what streaks Erin and Kristen are doing so stay tuned for that fun!  Jenn

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