A Magic Fitness Pill? I’d Consider It…

fitness-pill-585Oh, a magic pill. It seems unanimous in the Fit Bottomed World that if a magic pill existed that kept you fit, most of us wouldn’t take it. So I guess I have to be the one to go against the grain and say that yes, I would totally take a magic pill if one existed.

I mean, think about the freedom it would afford. You wouldn’t have to do a burpee unless you really wanted to. You would be able to get sick with the flu and not have to worry about that first workout back at it. You could have a baby and not have to worry about “getting back in shape” because you’d be in this Magic State of Fit. You could do activities for the joy of them rather than their benefits. You could run to be outdoors in the fresh air without having to worry about your lungs burning. You could do pull-ups because you wouldn’t lose the strength you had 10 years ago. You could Zumba just to jam to the beats. You wouldn’t have to worry about being sore because you’d always be in shape.

But wait. Even if there was a magic pill, there are bound to be side effects. Itching? Sneezing? Burning? Painful urination? Dry mouth? Red spots on your hands? Purple toes?


And it’s not free? I’d have to pay? And it’s how much?

Okay, never mind. I wouldn’t want to take a magic pill. Because really, a magic pill already exists — and it’s free. That pill is called consistency. Because if you consistently exercise — even if you have to take that time off for the flu and for a baby — you’ll have that solid base of fitness from which to build. Sure, you might see losses in fitness and strength, but when you keep with it and push yourself, you’ll never be starting over from zero if you’re consistent.

That pill — and those side effects — would never be worth the costs. Because I do enjoy that Zumba class. I do enjoy those aching muscles that show I worked hard and pushed myself and improved. I do enjoy those hikes and running around with my kids. I do enjoy those moments when I accomplish something really challenging I’ve been working toward, like a yoga pose or a distance race. Like others before me have said, there is more to it than the end result — the process of working toward a goal is also rewarding. That’s when you get out there, dig down, push yourself — and get to know yourself.

How about you? Would you take a magic pill to be fit even if it meant painful urination?Erin

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  1. Cassie says:

    Not feeling the hype of this miracle pill…

  2. Nicole says:

    I would not take a fitness magic pill. I love the fact that you said that a magic pill does exist and it is called consistency. I love the way that being fit makes me feel; I feel that I can do anything! Sometimes the process of becoming fit is not easy however. It is the desire to feel toned, to feel that I am physically able to do the things I want to do that is my magic pill. I wouldn’t want to pay for, or ingest something artificial that I can muster up with my own mind. It is not always easy becoming fit, but isn’t that what makes it feel so great to work towards that feeling of fitness? We are all in control of our own bodies, and that is something I believe in more than a pill!

  3. Jenny says:

    My first reaction is “heck yeah!” Being a mom of 3 it’s sometimes hard to squeeze in workout time. And since it’s a “magic” pill I’m going to believe there are no harmful side effects, lol. Then I could join a game of soccer without noticing the 10 years it’s been since I played last. 🙂

  4. I definitely would not! Part of getting Fit is the journey you take to get there. You could really miss something if it wasn’t a process and a challenge to get there. Nor would you truly know your true potential!

  5. Angie Nunez says:

    No to the magic pill. For the love of Kevin Bacon! Consistency and putting in the work. Opportunity to put in the work is given to each of us everyday how we chose to use it, is up to us. Trust me some days i chose to put in pjs instead of workout clothes and watch Gilmore Girls.

  6. Kristin G says:

    I wouldn’t take a magic pill! First of all, I hate taking pills. I can barely remember to take my B12 vitamins. I love the feeling of sore muscles because it makes me feel strong and alive. I wouldn’t mind a pill that helped burn more calories, but I enjoy workouts. I have so much more energy because I work my muscles and I don’t think any side effect is worth the empty feeling I would have from not exercising.

  7. Jenn says:

    YES I WOULD…. While I sincerely congratulate you who have the ways, means desire and discipline to get and stay fit… (Awesome job you all really!! ) I am going to go with Huey Lewis on this one…. “I want a new drug”…. ? let’s lighten this discussion up a little. ?
    I have not gotten that discipline or motivation quite yet… I do hope to one day soon join a local gym and get busy.. Pray for some serious motivation! ?