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Top Ten List: What We Share While Working Out

When I work out with a friend, I might not know how far we’re going to run or what weights we’re going to push on our deadlifts, but I always have a pretty good idea about what we’re going to discuss.

Still, to make sure I wasn’t going only by my experience, I conducted a Very Scientific Survey* and asked a few of my friends what topics they tended to discuss. Here are the top 10 answers!

top 10 things we talk about

Top 10 Topics FBG BFFs Discuss While Working Out

10. What we’re wearing.

9. Significant others/family.

8. When we can stop/how much we don’t want to be there.

7. Encouragement/body image.

6. Recent workouts.

5. Excuses.

4. Sex.

3. Upcoming races or events.

2. Poop.

1. Nutrition. Pre-workout, post-workout, Paleo, vegan, protein sources, hydration habits, what we’re having for dinner, what beer we’re toasting with at the end. If it has to do with nutrition, we’re gonna talk about it!

*There was nothing scientific about it. I talked to, like, 20 people, total. So mostly this is just for funsies … and to get you guys talking about, well, what you talk about!

What would you add to this list? I really expected the ol’ Number Two to be No. 1 based on personal experience, but I guess it’s rather fitting it ended up where it did!Kristen

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